The Middle Child on a Diet Mode?


After hearing from my Ermats this morning that I looked big and seemed gaining weight, I broke into “silent” sob. Lol.

Well, I, myself, also noticing that indeed I’m gaining weight or my tummy is getting bigger. Not that I’m pregnant (you wish!) or what, it’s just that I find myself eating too much rice lately, and as a result, I’m back to my size-33 waist line.

What a life!

So, I decided to slow down from this “too-much-eating-rice” habit and go back to my previous “slimming down” diet.


Fresh Lumpia

A few months ago, I had a 34-inch waist line, and after a month of eating fresh lumpia for lunch and a piece of bread at night, I started loosing weight which gave me the wowing (for me) 31 inches waist line.

Honestly, it was really hard for me controlling my urge to eat too much rice especially when we had Sinigang or Monggo or Kare-Kare as our viand.

But I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do, because firstly, mothers are one’s worst critique.
I believe that once they said something about you, it’s always true and soooooo real. And me gaining too much weight lately seems getting too obvious.

So today, I had my fresh lumpia diet from Goldilocks and a glass of sago gulaman, one of my faves.

Goldilocks’ Fresh Lumpia – Php56.00
Sago’s Gulaman – Php30.00

And while I was in line to the cashier, I saw this macaroon. Would you believe that Goldilocks has now Choco Macaroons? And since it looked so delicious, I also picked a pack and go with my so-called “diet meal.”

Choco & Butter Macaroons – Php28.00

I thought I wouldn’t be satisfied with my “diet meal”, thank goodness, I did. And I also enjoyed the cold and yummy sago’t gulaman. Then after the "diet meal", I quickly unwrapped the macaroons and took a bite of that choco macaroon, and it’s good. 

Choco & Butter Macaroons

Well, not that chocolate-y good, but it’s good. I’ll give it 8 out of 10. I still prefer that butter one. But if you really like chocolate flavoured foods, try this one. It’ll only cost you 28.00. Not bad, eh?

Other than that, two pieces of macaroons gave more weight in my stomach, which is why now I feel so full. Hehehe.

Happy eating!


Jon Uy said...

I love fresh lumoia even if i'm not on a diet. :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, Jon!

Oh, me too!