Teach Me How to Do the Sun Dance!

I don't know if I should cry over this or just pray for the best.

Why, oh, why of all the weeks that I badly needed the sun, he chooses to hide this week until weekend. :-(

I've been excitedly waiting for this Boracay vacation for a month now, and then BAM, a typhoon is hitting the country, and yes, Typhoon Juaning and another Low Pressure Area (LPA) that seems to be tailing this fucking typhoon will be ruining my first-ever trip to Boracay! Aaargh!

I've been skipping dinner for two weeks now just to loose some body fats, doing some bench press and some curl-ups every night,  and now, I think what I need to have when I see Boracay on weekend is a raincoat or a jacket to cover myself from the rain! Huhuhu.

With the pocket money that I'm still thinking where to get and this weather, I think Boracay is really not for me. :-( *sobs*

I'm such a loser....

Anyone of you knows how to do the sun dance?
I think I need to do that now!


Maica Quinto said...

July 29 Friday Heavy rains? :'( that just broke my heart. </3

Alex Dizon said...

Same here. :-(

Event Lover said...

rain rain go away.. basang basa nako ng ulan, katamad pa pumasok sa trbaho... haay

yodz said...

Bora is still fun even if it's raining...
Oh, and don't forget to try Jonas Shakes.