May 31, 2010

Mean’s Little Asia Birthday!

It’s the birthday of one of my superfriends, Mean! And part of being a good friend is treating your friends on your birthday, right? Hehe.

Sadly, Bonsai wasn’t able join us that night because of her work. But nonetheless, the three of us headed to Tomas Morato area where we enjoyed one delectable night at Little Asia.

Since I’m quite familiar with Little Asia’s menu, I told them what are my favourites and from there, we browsed the whole menu as we finalized the dishes that we wanna have.

But before we dig in to our plates, since it’s our first time here in Little Asia Tomas Morato, we toured the place, and personally, I was amazed on how the intricate and unique details of this huge place were rightly placed on its four corners. 

We loved it. Here are some the pictures of our “tour”.

Mean the Birthday Girl!

When we arrived there, there were only 3 tables occupied on the first floor, so we kinda enjoyed every corner of the whole place.

Then after that interesting tour, we headed back to our table. 

On our table, our first dish was already set, a little appetizer called Little Asia’s Salad.

Little Asia’s Salad – Php185.00

This one was the birthday girl’s choice and we all liked it. The sweet dressing and the crispy lettuce was a really good appetite booster.

Next, for our main course, we ordered quite a lot. Hehe.
We had a chicken dish, a beef dish, a seafood dish, rice and some noodles.
But before that, we also had some interesting beverages, and these are Little Asia’s bestsellers.

Blueberry Banana Shake – Php115.00

Choco Peanut Banana – Php95.00

Four Seasons – Php95.00

Mean, the birthday girl, had the Blueberry Banana Shake, Ence had the Choco Peanut Banana, while the girly girIie me had the Four Season with umbrella! Lols. Cute!

Going back to our main dishes, for our chicken dish, we had Chicken Wrapped in Bacon.

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon – Php265.00

Unexpectedly, we loved this one, really! The big chunk of chicken inside the bacon was really yummy! Plus, the sauce was really great!

While for our beef dish, we had one of Little Asia’s pride and my personal favourite, Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese in Teriyaki Sauce.

Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese in Teriyaki Sauce – Php315.00

I’m glad that my two friends loved it, too! This is really a must-try when you visit Little Asia, and I’m assuring you that you’ll love this one, too!

For our seafood dish, we had the most colourful and most mouth-watering one, and we are all allergic to it, but we couldn’t resist it, the Spicy Prawns.

Spicy Prawns – Php355.00

Well, the combination of spiciness and the chewy prawns gave this dish some kick to me. And since I’m kinda allergic to seafood, I only had one prawn, but I enjoyed so much, a finger-licking good dish.

To complement these wonderful dishes, of course, as Pinoys, we ordered a large plate of rice – Yang Chow Fried Rice.
Yang Chow Fried Rice – Php225.00

Just like any Yang Chow, you’ll never get disappointed. Hehe. I just find it too oily, but other than that, it’s good.

And lastly, for longer life, we had some noodles, and the birthday girl suggested that we have Combination Chow Mien.

Combination Chow Mien – Php245.00

It tasted like a teriyaki noodle to me, so I didn’t find anything special about this one. Or maybe the taste of that chicken wrapped in bacon was still in my mouth that time that I didn’t get to enjoy this one.

We spent almost three hours there and we were so glad that despite of being there for that long - it was already past midnight - the staff were still so kind and nice and very, very accommodating.

Thank you Little Asia for this great experience! For sure, we’ll go back there!
And to you, Mean, my friend, happy, happy birthday! God bless you always! Muah!

May 28, 2010

Only Beautiful Hair From the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement

One of the problems of guys nowadays is how to style their hair every day. Men are getting vainer and vainer as days passes by, and you can’t blame us, hey, we wanna look good, too.

I've been into this “hairdo” thingy when Asian telenovelas invaded local television. I can’t help but to let my hair grow just to go with flow. I can’t help it but to let my hair grow and style it the Asian way just to go on with the flow. That’s the “in” thing and I’m a fashionista wannabe, so I really have to go with the flow.

There was also a time when mohawk (or mohican) was “the hairdo”, but I can’t live with just having a bunch of hairs on the middle part of my head, I have a decent work here in Makati, you know. So instead, I just had my hair all raised up, with the help of wax, of course.

On regular days, I look like this:

But on my "bad hair" day, I look like this:

I'm just kidding! Hehehe! I love playing with my hair and some wigs. Hehehe!

But seriously, it feels so different when you can have a unique and beautiful hair.
I feel so creative, I feel so me.

But just like the old saying goes, “Beauty has its price.”

My hair line starts to recede.

As I keep styling my hair with hair iron, hair blower, wax, gel, underwent to some chemical hair treatment, my hair starts to fall off…

Sadly, I’m just 26, turning a year older next month, and it seems that as my age gets higher, my hairline goes with it. And it’s ruining my fashionista wannabe image.

Just like girls, nowadays, hair is also men’s crowning glory, and I don’t wanna loose my crowning glory. I know I’m no beauty queen - maybe in another lifetime, hihih - but I don’t wanna be the “Pendong” King. I don’t wanna get bald.

I’m so eager to consult a hair specialist about this problem, but when I found out that  a consultation to these hair specialists would cost me thousand of pesos, I’m afraid that as my hair falls out, my money goes to nothing, too.


Thank God!

God is really good, because he seems to hear my problems and he gives not only me but all the people who are having hair problems an alternative way, waaaaaay more affordable, to resolve our hair problems. Thankfully through God's power, Sunsilk launched their New Best-Ever Sunsilk Co-Creations. Whew!

One brand, seven ranges, co-created by seven of the world’s BEST hair experts, what could you ask for?

It’s just like playing “Touch the Color” but with more sense and more benefits. I’m so glad that they have the one that can help me – the Sunsilk Gold or the Sunsilk Hairfall Solution! Wee! Watch out, Pac-Man, I can beat you on this one! Hahaha!

With just a week of using Sunsilk Hairfall Solution, I can already feel its effect. NO STIR! I usually feel this drastic hair fall problem after taking a bath. Because our hair is wet and vulnerable, the tendency is it breaks easily. But when I started using this Sunsilk Gold - Co-Creations, something has changed. And to my delight, my hair started getting better.

I suuuuuper loooove it!

At first, I thought it is waaaaaaaaay too impossible. It’s like hello? A hair expert’s magic in a bottle? But when I started using it, I can feel the effect. It's like I've been to a "real" hair expert, and that my family and friends notice that my hair got some volume and bounce.

I’m finally gaining my hair back! Wee!

Plus, I can fix my hair so easily anytime, may it be for a formal gathering, a night-out gimmick, club hopping, I know that my hair and my hair style will stand out just like my fashion statement.

My fabulous hair can go smoothly with my image, the fashionista wannabe image!
I can be the Blair Waldorf that I want to be! I’ll visit Dr. Francesca Fusco in NYC, bring her some muffins to thank her for this magical bottle of New Sunsilk Co-Creations! Wee!


Oh, shoot! That should be Nate Archibald, right? Or Chuck Bass? And not Blair Waldorf. Hahaha!
Oh, well, now you know! Hahaha! Can I have my crown back, please? *wink-wink*

Thank you, Sunsilk! You’re the best! The New Best-Ever Sunsilk Co-Creations is the best!
And thanks to the seven fairy godmothers of hair! Kudos to you all!

May 27, 2010

A Water-filled Day at Enchanted Kingdom’s Aqualympics!

Bloggers were invited for the first-ever Enchanted Kingdom’s Aqualympics, and I was more than grateful to be part of this awesome event.

To be honest, at first I was quite hesitant to join because I’m no swimmer. But when I realized that the event will take place at EK Biki Waterworld, I said yes wholeheartedly and prepared myself for an exciting competition with my fellow bloggers.

This was my fourth time in Enchanted Kingdom this year. Hahaha!

We arrived at Enchanted Kingdom at around 3 p.m., and since the event was scheduled to take place by 6 p.m. we loitered around the park and enjoy some of its rides.

It so nice that apart from attending such wonderful event I’ve got a chance to meet some new bloggers who shares the same passion as mine – Telling stories by blogging. Wee!

 And, indeed, the weather is so unpredictable. When we least expects it, the rain pours....

I was wondering why they scheduled such event that late. No sun at all, and since the EK Biki Waterworld wasn’t that ready yet for some evening events, I’m afraid that we might hurt ourselves because we couldn’t see our way.

And so, 5.30 p.m. came, after some fun rides, we went straight to EK Biki Water World area where we changed our attires to swimwear, and get briefed about the Aqualympics mechanics.

There were 18 bloggers, including me. We were divided into three groups, making 6 members per team. We were the Blue Team and my teammates were Eric of Byahilo.com, Ian of Ianeavesdropper.blogspot.com, Jay of Jay-elx.blogspot.com, Jonel of Letsgosago.net and our team captain Carl of Thewebmagazine.blogspot.com.

Since this is “aqua”-lympics, nobody among the participants brought a camera with them! Hahaha!

After the game, my body ached so badly. I didn’t expect that that’ll be that tiring, but we really, really enjoyed it! And I finally knew why they scheduled it at night, because I think if we did that when there’s still a sun, all of us wouldn’t be able to accomplish all of the tasks. Hahaha!

I’m sorry to my officemates, but this is waaaaaaaaaay more fun than our company’s team building. Those six tasks were worth all the effort. Though, I just wished that the instructions were a bit shorter, it’s really hard to read in the dark.

Our team took home the second place. The Red Team got the first place and the Yellow Team took the last spot. Wee!

Oh, it was really a fund day. After that uber tiring activity, we were given some time again to chillax at the six amazing inflatable pools of EK Biki Waterworld. And just like little kids, we had fun playing around the waterworld.

Thank you, Enchanted Kingdom! It was one hell of fun excitement! Till next time!

For now, it’s Salompas time. Hehehe.

May 26, 2010

Make Your Adobo, Kaldereta or Menudo Stands Out and Win a Kitchen Showcase!

SM Hypermarket together with their sponsors proudly presents Super Chefs 2010!

If you think that your adobo, kaldereta or menudo is way more delicious than anybody else’s, well, I guess this is your time to shine and take home the title of SM Hypermarket’s Super Chef 2010.

Open to all housewives, carinderia owners, culinary school students, professional chefs and all cooking enthusiasts, get a chance to take home a kitchen showcase worth Php100,000 and go on a 4-day all-expense-paid trip to Singapore for a culinary training. Runner-ups will also win a Php50,000, Php25,000, Php15,000 or Php10,000 SM Gift certificates.

Okay, so here’s what you’ve got to do.

First, just present a Php1,000 single or accumulated purchase from SM Hypermarket, inclusive of at least one product from the following sponsors:

 That’s too easy, right? SM Hypermarket is literally everywhere! Plus, these products are the common brands that we pull off the rack.

This contest is composed of 3 stages: audition, elimination and finals.

To audition, you need to create your own version of Adobo, Kaldereta or Menudo and submit the finished product with proof of purchase at the appointed SM Hypermarket branch.

For your ADOBO:
June 15 - SM Hypermarket Centris Station and SM Hypermarket Valenzuela,
June 18 - SM Hypermarket Marilao Molino, SM Hypermarket Sucat and SM Hypermarket SM Mall of Asia.

June 16 – SM Hypermarket Bicutan, SM Hypermarket Pasig and SM Hypermarket Clark.
June 19 - SM Hypermarket Novaliches and SM Hypermarket Mandaluyong.
June 30 - SM Hypermarket Makati and SM Hypermarket North Harbour.

And for your MENUDO:
June 17 - SM Hypermarket North EDSA, SM Hypermarket Las Pinas and SM Hypermarket Taytay
June 23 - SM Hypermarket Muntinlupa, SM Hypermarket Rosales and SM Hypermarket Baliwag
June 25 -  SM Hypermarket Fairview

You may submit as many dishes as you can do and join in any branch. Submissions will be accepted from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Judges will choose three (3) winners from each branch (or 60 winners in total) to qualify for the next round.

For the Elimination Round, the 60 winners will be clustered into 3 branch locations and will be competing in a LIVE COOK-OFF at SM Hypermarket. They will be given 45 minutes and a Php250.00 budget to shop for ingredients and prepares a dish using a secret ingredient which will be revealed on contest day. From these 60 contestants, only 4 winners per branch (or 12 contestants in total) will qualify to the Finals. Just like Iron Chef, right? Exciting!

For the Finale, contestants will be grouped into teams of three. They will go through four rounds, each preparing “themed” dishes good for six persons. Themes will be revealed on contest date. From there, contestants will be eliminated as each round progresses until only two (2) are left. They will then face off for the grand prize. Kinda American Idol way but cooking! Fun!

The Finals will be aired over the Asian Food Channel (AFC) and will be hosted by Chef Tristan Encarnacion.

Really, really exciting, huh? I told my mom to join since I think that her adobo is way soooo good and can qualify her, but the problem is, she’s waaaaaaay too camera shy. Lols. So I guess, I’ll just watch and learn from then competing contestants then, eh.

This contest will run from May to July 2010. For more details, kindly visit any SM Hypermarket branch or log on to www.smhypermarket.com or follow the SM Hypermarket Super Chefs’ Facebook account.

See you at SM Hypermarket!

May 25, 2010

Beauty and Magic at Enchanted Kingdom’s Flores de Laguna en Mayo

Summer 2010 is almost finish, but there’s no need to be sad because the most amazing them park in the country – Enchanted Kingdom - wouldn’t let you feel sad and blue with their amazing line up of activities this coming June.

Oh, yeah, it’s my birthday month! Wee!

But before I share the “Jamming June” line up of EK, let me share to you first the magnificent activities they had this May. And I’m so glad that I got to witness some of it.

One of my favourites, the parade of beauties on Flores de Laguna en Mayo.

Commonly called as Flores de Mayo or simply Santracruzan, Enchanted Kingdom has their own version of this country-wide celebration that showcases true Filipina beauty and Filipino designers’ ingenuity through their unique and very creative gowns.
Here are some of the photos that I took during this event.

Miss Earth beauties also graced the event.

After the parade, I suddenly realized that Santacruzan is a mirror of our lives. It is either you hit the spot where people would say “Wow”, or you missed it and people would say “Next!”

Luckily, most of the girls who took part on this event hit the spot. I feel sorry for those who don’t. There’s always a next time, right?

So, for this coming June, they’ll have celebrity storytellers like Bobby Yan on June 5, Vince Hizon on June 13 and Jao Mapa on June 19. They’ll also have the all-time OPM favourites with Enchante OPM featuring EK’s home-grown talents on all weekends of June.

Simon and Silver Magic Show will also be there on all Saturdays and Sundays of June. But if you wanna have a real watery June, you can still enjoy the EK Biki Waterworld with its twicket (twin ticket) promo – an EK Good-Same-Day and EK Biki Waterworld Regular Passes for only Php700.00. Promo runs til June 6 only, so hurry, you can still enjoy the last summer blaze at EK.

Oh, Summer 2010 was quite an eventful season for me. I’ve been to a lot of places and enjoy each moment of it. So, I’m really thankful. I wish that this rainy season may bring more blessings to me!

Happy birthday to all June celebrants!

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