A Water-filled Day at Enchanted Kingdom’s Aqualympics!

Bloggers were invited for the first-ever Enchanted Kingdom’s Aqualympics, and I was more than grateful to be part of this awesome event.

To be honest, at first I was quite hesitant to join because I’m no swimmer. But when I realized that the event will take place at EK Biki Waterworld, I said yes wholeheartedly and prepared myself for an exciting competition with my fellow bloggers.

This was my fourth time in Enchanted Kingdom this year. Hahaha!

We arrived at Enchanted Kingdom at around 3 p.m., and since the event was scheduled to take place by 6 p.m. we loitered around the park and enjoy some of its rides.

It so nice that apart from attending such wonderful event I’ve got a chance to meet some new bloggers who shares the same passion as mine – Telling stories by blogging. Wee!

 And, indeed, the weather is so unpredictable. When we least expects it, the rain pours....

I was wondering why they scheduled such event that late. No sun at all, and since the EK Biki Waterworld wasn’t that ready yet for some evening events, I’m afraid that we might hurt ourselves because we couldn’t see our way.

And so, 5.30 p.m. came, after some fun rides, we went straight to EK Biki Water World area where we changed our attires to swimwear, and get briefed about the Aqualympics mechanics.

There were 18 bloggers, including me. We were divided into three groups, making 6 members per team. We were the Blue Team and my teammates were Eric of Byahilo.com, Ian of Ianeavesdropper.blogspot.com, Jay of Jay-elx.blogspot.com, Jonel of Letsgosago.net and our team captain Carl of Thewebmagazine.blogspot.com.

Since this is “aqua”-lympics, nobody among the participants brought a camera with them! Hahaha!

After the game, my body ached so badly. I didn’t expect that that’ll be that tiring, but we really, really enjoyed it! And I finally knew why they scheduled it at night, because I think if we did that when there’s still a sun, all of us wouldn’t be able to accomplish all of the tasks. Hahaha!

I’m sorry to my officemates, but this is waaaaaaaaaay more fun than our company’s team building. Those six tasks were worth all the effort. Though, I just wished that the instructions were a bit shorter, it’s really hard to read in the dark.

Our team took home the second place. The Red Team got the first place and the Yellow Team took the last spot. Wee!

Oh, it was really a fund day. After that uber tiring activity, we were given some time again to chillax at the six amazing inflatable pools of EK Biki Waterworld. And just like little kids, we had fun playing around the waterworld.

Thank you, Enchanted Kingdom! It was one hell of fun excitement! Till next time!

For now, it’s Salompas time. Hehehe.

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