XG Announces Second Mini Album, Unveils First Pre-Release Track "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT"

On July 8th, XG shared a captivating image of a beam of light connecting the ocean, clouds, and sun on their social media channels. The intriguing visual was accompanied by an announcement that XG’s second Mini Album is set for release in late 2024.

Building on the excitement, XG has further revealed that the first pre-release track from the upcoming album, titled "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT", will drop on July 26th.

"SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" is a retro-inspired track rooted in garage rhythms and features addictive refrains that showcase the unique talents of each of the seven XG members. The song's minimalistic approach hides a variety of sounds, highlighting the group's innovative style. Produced by JAKOPS (SIMON JUNHO PARK), head and general producer of XGALX, the track combines an up-tempo, 90s-esque vibe with XG’s vibrant originality, promising "music that makes everyone want to dance, regardless of age or gender".
The cover photo for "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" presents a colorful pop design that diverges from XG’s previous work, "WOKE UP", and captures the individuality and creativity of the seven members, further establishing XG’s unique artistic vision.

XG’s fifth single, "WOKE UP", released on May 21st, achieved significant milestones, including reaching number one on the YouTube trending chart in the United States. It also dominated the “Global Japan Songs Excl. Japan” chart for five consecutive weeks, showcasing XG’s growing influence and solidifying their status as a "global rising group".

On July 6th, XG made their debut appearance on Nippon TV's "THE MUSIC DAY", where they performed "WOKE UP" and fan-favorite "SHOOTING STAR", which was released in January 2023. The performance generated substantial buzz on social media and led to XG's Wikipedia page achieving the highest number of views in Japan on that day.

Currently, XG is captivating audiences on their first world tour, "The first HOWL", with their overseas performances commencing on July 11th in Seoul, followed by stops in Taipei, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. The tour aims to excite ALPHAZ (XG’s fanbase) worldwide. Check the official tour information site here for more details.

The anticipation for XG's second mini album and their upcoming track "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" is palpable, as fans and the music industry alike eagerly await the impact of their next release.

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