Meet the Affiliate Creators who have found success on TikTok Shop

Many Filipino creators have found entrepreneurial success through TikTok Shop's Affiliate Program. With their innovative content and engaging personalities, they not only entertain but also provide growth opportunities both for creators and sellers on the platform.
During the recently held Idol Night, TikTok Shop recognized the country's top creator affiliates: 
Scentsations Collections PH (scentsations2.0)

Meet Cyrene Pacana, a beauty enthusiast and full-time content creator who kicked off her adventure by going live on TikTok Shop. Back in June 2023, she unveiled her brand, Scentsations Collections PH, showcasing unique scents and perfumes straight out of Cebu. Thanks to her hustle, the brand clocked in an impressive average of PHP 100,000 in monthly sales, streaming 7 times a week for 16 hours each stream.

“TikTok offers this unique feature called Shoppertainment, which makes the platform engaging to its users. Besides TikTok's current popularity, it also serves as an excellent marketing platform to grow the business since it has a wider audience reach compared to other platforms,” Cyrene expressed.
Cyrene’s transition from a full-time employee to a successful affiliate creator and seller is a testament to the growth opportunities offered by the TikTok Affiliate Program.
“As I got introduced to the TikTok Affiliate program, I experienced financial freedom. It was a game changer since the transition from being a full-time company worker to being a full-time content creator and seller on TikTok was a roller coaster ride. For aspiring entrepreneurs out there who dream of success, perseverance and continuity are key. Just continue what you are doing, and everything will be all worth it in the end,” she added.
Love, Chanelle (shoplovechanelle)

Meet Chanelle Fajardo, the ultimate multitasker - a young go-getter and content maestro with a whopping 300,000 TikTok followers! She's not just a social media star but also the brains behind Love, Chanelle, her sparkly jewelry brand that took off in 2021.
Chanelle achieved her life goals through the live selling feature on TikTok Shop in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2023, along with participating in the TikTok Affiliate program.
“Being a TikTok affiliate creator changed my life in a way I couldn’t imagine. In fact, I finally started my house construction at the age of 23, thanks to the earrings I’ve obtained on TikTok Shop. I will be forever grateful to this platform for giving me endless opportunities,” Chanelle shared.
“TikTok made my life easier as an entrepreneur and content creator. This platform provided me with multiple ways to connect with my followers and potential clients in the best way possible. It’s an all in one platform where you can sell and interact with your clients, making it more convenient for us entrepreneurs. Also, I love how systematic everything is on TikTok!” she added. 
Bugoy Cariño (iambugoycarino03)

Local celeb turned content creator, Bugoy Cariño, achieved his creator goals on TikTok by nailing his promotional content through the TikTok Affiliate program. With his bi-monthly streams clocking in at an impressive 4 to 5 hours, Bugoy worked his magic, boosting sales and leading epic brand partnerships.
“When I entered the TikTok Affiliate program, it helped me gain more income opportunities, given the seasonality of showbiz projects. I take time to study and learn about brands and products I feature, so I can share my personal experiences using them. The program also helped me to be more authentic with my content, which helps me and the brands I collaborate with to earn more as my followers can resonate easily with products I promote,” Bugoy shared.
These affiliate creators are not just riding the wave of TikTok's popularity; they are shaping its future, one creative video at a time.
These creators' compelling narratives demonstrate the growth opportunities for creators under the TikTok Affiliate program, leading to more brand partnerships and earning opportunities for both creators and brands, while highlighting the program’s goal to foster an environment of innovation and creativity with mutual benefits for all involved.

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