Watch Your Favorite K-Idols on Prime Video

K-pop has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. The catchy tunes, impressive choreography, and the mesmerizing stars have all captured our hearts. Whether they’re performing, acting, or just being themselves, we can’t get enough of K-pop idols. The good thing is, there are plenty of shows we can watch them on through Prime Video. Check some out below:


j-hope, a member of the group BTS, is known for his love of dancing and especially for his skills in street dancing. HOPE ON THE STREET is a docuseries that highlights j-hope’s story and him returning to his roots. Accompanied by his former instructor, the popping champion Boogaloo Kin, j-hope travels to cities like Osaka, Seoul, Paris, New York, and Gwangju. The series highlights his return to his street dance roots and his interactions with inspiring street dancers from around the world, providing insights into various street dance styles and cultures. This is a perfect watch to learn more about j-hope’s dance journey and to also learn more about the global street dance scene.
JENNIE - Apartment404

A member of the group BLACKPINK, JENNIE is a multi-talented star who is no stranger to variety programs. However, it’s been several years since her last show, so fans have been delighted to see her in Apartment404. JENNIE is able to flaunt her detective skills, working with and competing against her co-stars to solve mysteries inspired by true stories set in apartment environments. Each episode features different cases and identities, allowing viewers to see various charming aspects of JENNIE. Watch the show and see if you can crack the mysteries alongside JENNIE.
V - Jinny's Kitchen

In “Jinny’s Kitchen”, BTS member V steps out of the K-pop spotlight to work in a Korean fast food restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico. Working side by side with top stars like Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-joon, and Choi Woo-shik, V learns to cook from Park Seo-joon and collaborates with the cast to serve customers. The show offers a unique glimpse of V in a different setting, filled with hard work, goal achievement, and the scenic beauty of Bacalar. Viewers can enjoy many funny and cheerful moments as the cast works together in this delightful setting.
Lee Gi-Kwang - Marry My Husband
[Lee Gi-kwang]

Lee Gi-kwang actually debuted as a solo singer before debuting as a member of boy group Beast which was later renamed Highlight. He began his acting career early on through a role on sitcom High Kick Through The Roof in 2009 and has been acting throughout the years. With Marry My Husband being a global hit, his role in this series is definitely among his most famous. His character Baek Eunho is a top-notch chef who has feelings for the main character Kang Jiwon (Park Min Young). You can see Lee Gi-kwang’s sweet and caring side through this portrayal.
Choi Si-Won - Death's Game & Love is for Suckers
[Choi Si-won]

Choi Si-won is well known for being a member of long-lasting group Super Junior which debuted in 2005. He had some small roles prior to his debut as a singer and has since balanced both acting and singing successfully. His versatility is evident in Death’s Game and Love is for Suckers. Choi Si-won has been well-loved for his rom-com roles and you can see both of his romantic and comedic side through Love is for Suckers. On the other hand, you can view his more serious side through his role in Death’s Game. Either side of the acting spectrum, Choi Si-won is a treat to watch.
NANA - My Man is Cupid

NANA debuted in 2009 joining girl group After School as a new member. She also was a member of various sub-unit groups such as Orange Caramel. NANA’s acting career began with a cameo in the movie Fashion King. Since then she’s impressed with roles in dramas like The Good Wife, Into the Ring, Mask Girl, and more. In My Man is Cupid, NANA portrays veterinarian Oh Baek-ryeon who has been unlucky in love until she meets a cupid in Cheon Sang-hyuk (Jang Dong-yoon). The series showcases plenty of NANA’s cuteness and comedic talent.
Taecyeon – HeartBeat

Taecyeon debuted as a member of boy band 2PM in 2008 and soon ventured into acting with roles in the 2010 dramas Cinderella’s Sister and Dream High. He has since taken on diverse roles in projects like Hey Ghost, Let's Fight, Save Me, and Vincenzo. Taecyeon has proved his versatility with diverse roles including his vampire character in HeartBeat. In this series, his character Seon Woo-hyul is a vampire who desperately desires to become human and experience heart-pounding love. Fans can enjoy seeing both Taecyeon’s refined side as well as enjoy comedic moments in this series.
Cha Eun-Woo - Island
[Cha Eun-woo]

Some might be more familiar with Cha Eun-woo as an actor rather than as a singer, which makes sense considering he made his acting debut in 2014 through the film My Brilliant Life prior to his debut as a member of boy group ASTRO in 2016. After acting in a few web dramas, he started making waves through series like My ID is Gangnam Beauty and True Beauty. In Island, Cha Eun-woo got to show a different side of himself as well as some action skills, through his character Johan. He’s definitely the hottest priest we’ve ever seen!
Suzy - Anna

Suzy, also known as Bae Suzy, debuted as a member of the girl group  Miss A in 2010. The following year, she made her acting debut in Dream High alongside Ok Taecyeon, who is also on this list! Since then Suzy has been acting in movies like Architecture 101 and dramas like Gu Family Book and Uncontrollably Fond. While all of her roles have been well-loved, Suzy’s most impressive role to date is portraying the titular character in Anna. Born as Lee Yu-mi, she ends up living a completely different life as Anna due to a petty lie. Enjoy Suzy’s remarkable acting and the dramatic tale through Anna.

BTS - BTS: Yet to Come

Two members of BTS, j-hope and V, have shows that are already on this list. However, you can watch the entire group through BTS: Yet to Come. All of the other shows feature the idols acting in dramas or on variety shows, however, there’s nothing quite like watching idols on stage. In BTS: Yet to Come you can watch the 7 members in their element performing their hit songs. With close-up angles and a whole view of their iconic concert, you can enjoy a comprehensive experience. Don’t miss out on a special concert experience starring the record-breaking group.
There are truly so many K-idols to enjoy watching. Which stars and shows are you planning on checking out on screen next? Be sure to watch them all on Prime Video.

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