Spotify Inspires Authenticity Through Music and Podcasts

Filipinos are reimagining Spotify to be more than a listening platform. With a massive catalog of music, podcasts, and hyper-personalized interactive features, the leading audio platform has become the go-to destination for discovering content that strikes a chord, paving the way for authentic expression.

Spotify’s data revealed that in the past five years, the number of playlists created on Spotify almost doubled, and podcast creators on Spotify grew more than tenfold. Launching “Authenticity on Aux,” Spotify celebrates how Filipinos turn to Spotify for authentic self-expression; whether it's listening to music that moves them, or tuning into podcasts for raw, intimate conversations.

Singer-songwriter and RADAR artist Jason Dhakal and The Bare It All Podcast host Dani Barretto share a fresh glimpse into their journeys to expressing their true selves through audio. 
For Dani Baretto, her podcast is a reflection of her true personality: “Podcasting is a unique platform, where it’s less about curating your content but being an open book. This is who I am — I love giving advice and sharing my experiences.” Dani’s The Bare It All Podcast strips away the superficial layers to present her and her guests’ most genuine selves, fostering a deeper connection with the listeners.

For Jason Dhakal, creating music is a deeply personal journey that serves as a vital means of self-expression and emotional processing. He shared, “I process things in my life with music,” and further explained that it is an intrinsic part of how he makes sense of and navigates his experiences and feelings. 
Spotify. Featuring singer-songwriter and RADAR artist Jason Dhakal, The Bare It All Podcast host Dani Barretto, and Jaz Reyes

Giving the stage to the LGBTQIA+ community, Spotify’s year-long GLOW program also unveiled Jason Dhakal on the cover of Bahaghari, recognizing queer artists who inspire and always find the strength to be unapologetically themselves. 
Beyond creating playlists on Spotify as a way to express themselves, daylist continues to thrill its unsuspecting listeners. This new one-of-a-kind playlist updates frequently between sunup and sundown, with a collection of hyper-personalized music selections tailored to each listener. 
Spotify creates avenues to champion authenticity — empowering artists, creators, and listeners to freely discover, express, and celebrate their unique selves.

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