Shye Shares Upbeat New Single "Wonderful Day"

Singer-songwriter and producer Shye has released a new single "WONDERFUL DAY", a track that shows off her production prowess with a seamless transition from dream-pop to elements of bossa nova.

Fans can stream it here.

Shye shares, "The song is about how true friendship is not conditional and not limited to solving your friend’s problems. Just being there and going through the different stages of life with the company of each other can be very meaningful. It’s also a reminder that it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes.

I wanted to produce a track that sounded like how it feels to be in a car with the windows down, wind blowing through your hair on a sunny or even overcast day."
A constant work in progress, Shye is growing her craft one release at a time. Stay tuned for more music from Shye in the coming months.

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