Pop-Punk Star LØLØ Unveils Debut Album 'falling for robots & wishing i was one'

Pop-punk powerhouse LØLØ unveils her highly anticipated debut album, 'falling for robots & wishing i was one'. Unflinchingly honest and (sometimes painfully) relatable, LØLØ cements herself as a staple of the genre and a rising artist to watch on the 15-track LP. Packed with powerful guitars, witty lyricism, and compelling heart, falling for robots & wishing i was one agrees that to be loved is to be changed, just maybe not for the better. 

Focus single “wish i was a robot” is the anthemic heart and soul of LØLØ’s debut. Calling back to the album title, LØLØ muses about how much easier life would be if she was a robot. The track’s instrumentals are gritty and metallic, seething beneath the surface as LØLØ modulates her voice on the verses to match the robotic tone of the thing she wishes to be. 

LØLØ’s artistic bravery is fully displayed on the visceral track as she gutsily shares her grief over the ending of a treasured relationship. The instrumentals are hauntingly methodical, churning beneath the surface of LØLØ’s powerful vocals before finally erupting into a wave of pain. LØLØ is shameless about her lingering feelings for her past lover whilst simultaneously iron clad in her boundaries.

“suck it up” is a classic pop-punk anthem that incorporates all the best parts of the genre. A crispy-crunchy guitar throbs alongside splashy percussion and punch vocals. Lyrically LØLØ is delightfully caustic, satisfactorily delivering one liners like “catch the lemons, spike the lemonade,” in her signature, throaty alto. 
Singles from the album like the melancholic “intro” sets the tone for LØLØ's debut project with the heart wrenchingly earnest lyrics, “I’m exhausted / feel like my heart’s getting rotten / I’d love to replace it with cotton / so I wouldn’t have to feel so hard.” Plaintive and direct LØLØ sets the stage for a debut that is vulnerable, raw, and pulls no punches, while the sonically dark and rich “i would fix u if i could” is a powder keg of desperation, disappointment, longing and frustration.

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