New Oppas Alert! Here’s how Byun Yohan and Lee Kyoohyung got Pinoy Hallyu Fans Hooked on Uncle Samsik

 How dare we sleep on Byun Yohan and Lee Kyoohyung?!

More than their commendable portrayal of their respective roles as Kim San and Kang Seongmin in Uncle Samsik, Byun Yohan and Lee Kyoohyung’s  undeniable charisma and sex appeal have got Pinoy K-drama fans glued to their screens.  

From a man who made two women fall in love with his wits and well-toned physique to another man full of ambition and strong masculine presence, we’ve listed some of the swoon-worthy nuances that should be enough to declare these gentlemen the new oppas in town. 

Byun Yohan in his good boy era 
Good boys go to heaven as a certain song puts it. And Byun Yohan is never one to shy away from flexing his innate good boy charm in Uncle Samsik. In fact, fixing his eyeglasses has become his signature charm amplifier in this series.

Lee Kyoohyung, the dimpled-villain
His villainous portrayal coupled with his signature dimple charm, there’s no doubt that bad boys like the OG K-drama villain Lee Koohyung can bring heaven to you. His smile never fails to make fans forget that he screams trouble.

Did they just make men in suits a thing again? 
They may have not invented the 60s fashion, but Byun Yohan and Lee Kyoohyung can make classic fits look extra smart and sexy.

What’s up with the necktie? 
They make loosening a necktie look hot. For a moment, they can make their fans wish they were a necktie.

Catch more of this charming duo and the finale of Uncle Samsik on Disney+.

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