meg elsier Reveals Debut Album, 'spittake'

Rising indie-rock artist meg elsier reveals her highly-anticipated debut album, spittake, out on all streaming platforms today.

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Blending elements of grunge, contemporary pop, folk, and indie-rock, spittake showcases meg’s ability to create dynamic, versatile, and effortlessly catchy music. Across the album’s 11 tracks, she delivers musings on love, death, nostalgia, youth, anxiety, depression and everything in between, with a uniquely self-deprecating touch. “The story isn’t necessarily linear,” she explains. “But the main connection throughout is this unreliable narrator that you as a listener determine your view/trust of. They are incredibly inconsistent with their statements but I believe they think they’re telling the truth.”

All of the songs on spittake were solely written and demoed by meg over the last few years. She later collaborated with Nashville-based producer Ryan McFadden to record the final product while still maintaining the DIY spirit of the album as a whole (the lowercase, uncapitalized song titles are a nod to the original demo names). 

“The creation of spittake was the biggest and scariest thing that I’ve done,” she says. “It’s something I built up and something that seemed somewhat impossible to even imagine how to achieve. But it happened! Ryan McFadden and I made this record by getting to know each other’s intentions and taste, and just brain processes. To be honest, I don’t think I knew what the record meant to me/what I wanted to create until it was done. I know I wanted to record an album because I felt proud of these songs and I really was craving for people to hear them. What I really was searching for was an introduction as… meg. Not someone I’m mirroring, or someone I’ve been trying to become. Just who I am genuinely at this moment.”

meg's creativity and artistic vision extends far beyond her music, which she demonstrates in the new music video for the album’s closing track, “LA.” The music video was self-styled by meg and directed by her longtime collaborator Jacq Justice.

Since making her debut in 2023, Nashville-based singer and songwriter meg elsier has emerged as one of the most exciting new voices in the indie-rock space. Juxtaposing her sweet vocals and opulent melodies with grungy guitars and weighty production, meg is carving out a sonic lane all of her own. Her wit and self-awareness shines through in her lyrics, seamlessly weaving into the fabric of her ethereal shoegaze sound. 

spittake Album Tracklist:
1. spittake
2. iznotreal
3. ifshitfuq
4. eastside
5. youngestchild
6. oldnews
7. saturdaymorning
8. takeout
9. forlyleinsanfrancisco
10. baby
11. LA

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