A Father’s Day Celebration Series on Flavorful Umami Meals with Ajinomoto

This Father’s Day is the perfect time to hear real stories from dads who have their own fan base at home when it comes to cooking, which are no other than their own families! Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) celebrates Father’s Day by giving the dads, papas, and tatays, voices and a platform to share their ways, with the goal of empowering other fathers by being able to create and find their ways to bring their family closer through food and meals spent well together over good conversations at home.

How mornings could be less of a chore, and more for family quality time
Households with children who go to grade school would understand and relate to those mornings when everybody seems to be rushing. The parents are getting ready for work and some last-minute preparations before they leave. Sometimes, the morning rush can take away precious time from the family, including cooking time, but with AJI-GINISA® Less Sodium Flavor Seasoning Mix, “Mr. Gino’s” Salmon Onigiri, is what the family looks forward to doing altogether. His wife’s task was to make sure all the ingredients were ready and laid on the counter in order, while the children set the table, and Mr. Gino made sure he had the AJI-GINISA® Less Sodium Flavor Seasoning Mix, ready to mix in the morning dish. From the usual manic mornings, breakfast and preparing for it has never been easier, now a bonding experience for the whole family. 

Everyone in their own living spaces at home, but the first sign of lunch calls 
Ever since the discovery of the work-from-home setup, everyone at home  would rather stay inside their rooms, where their home office setup is. With lunch being in between the day, most of us would opt for lunch at our desks, another reason why family time is lessened even when everyone’s at home. Not in Mr. Chris’s home. Preparing lunch is what everyone looks forward to in his hold. The family favorite would be his fried chicken, and everyone at home would know that they only use Crispy Fry® Breading Mix. It’s the smell of fresh oil in a hot pan, waiting to marry chicken cuts coated with Crispy Fry® Breading Mix, and how every bite would just be as good as the laughs and smiles exchanged during lunch. Mr. Chris’s  son told him how excited he is to create his own twist on his dad’s fried chicken recipe, but for now, it will be the classic Crispy Fry® Fried Chicken that would  be the house’s champion.
Family time after hitting that new personal fitness goal
Mr. Ronny enjoys an evening jog with his family around the neighborhood. It used to be him alone, but he found ways to encourage his family to join. One special way he thought would work was through food. After running, he goes straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and rice at Mr. Ronny’s was extraordinary. His Special Fried Rice, a hearty dish that has white rice, onion, garlic, longanisa, sweet ham, eggs, green peas, and the AJIGINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix, is his secret to this all-in-one dish. 
The star of family meals, dad’s secret ingredient to hearty meals.
Every meal made with love is always something to look forward to and a dish that certainly is unforgettable. Each family has their own classic recipe they pass down to multiple generations. As we celebrate Father’s Day, we not only remember and acknowledge how good their cooking is, but the amount of effort they put in to bring joy to their families and bring them closer. Fathers from different walks of life have shared their stories, but one thing in common is that they all have that one trusty companion when it comes to cooking which never fails them, and that’s their AJINOMOTO® products and the twists they bring into their dishes. Why don’t you head to your kitchen, your dad might be making a meal that you’d surely never forget! 
Check out these recipes, visit Cookmunity (www.cookmunitybyajinomoto.com) by Ajinomoto Philippines for updates and more cooking tips and ideas. 

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