rouri404 Continues to Embrace a Glitching Screamo Sound on New Single “smile”

Orlando's fast-rising singer-songwriter and producer, rouri404, today released his new single, "smile" on Red Bull Records. Following the highly anticipated announcement of his next EP, 'crows', he continues to traffic in the emo-electronic lane with yet another vulnerable offering.

Arriving as the lead track on the project, “smile” opens with softer acoustic moments that transcend into chaos, fueled by oversaturated synths and intense screamo vocals. rouri404's underlying digicore influences give him a unique edge that shine a light on his capacity to push the envelope beyond the ordinary.

rouri404 shares, “When we first started 'smile' I was right in the process of finalizing my deal with Red Bull Records, so it was a very big transitional period in life. I was in and out of a relationship and had just been spending a lot of time alone, thinking about who I’ve been in life and who I’ve always wanted to be, trying to find a middle ground in it all. With 'smile' I wanted to find a similar balance in the tone of the song, starting with a very sombre/depressed vibe and moving more towards an anthemic/aggressive tone by the drop. As always, it’s very special being able to get exact feelings and emotions out with all my closest friends/producers by my side, especially on a track like 'smile' that we all worked on as a group for over a year."

rouri404's latest stripped-back TikTok cover comes in the form of Pierce The Veil’s “Today I Saw The Whole World,” flexing the raw power of his voice and a mic. With four tracks off 'crows' out now, rouri404 is finding fans in everyone, emerging as one to watch in the next generation of emo artists. 

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