Rising Star vaultboy Unveils Debut Album 'everything and nothing'

Multi-faceted singer-songwriter vaultboy has released his debut album 'everything and nothing', alongside the music video for "take the hit”. The song delves into the anxiety and uncertainty around important decisions, pushing past the confusion and counting on one’s self. This is an uptempo track with layered backing vocals and the synths that vaultboy has become known for. The release of vaultboy's debut album precedes the launch of his global tour on May 14. 

'everything and nothing' is a heartfelt exploration of life's contrasts, delving into both the light and dark aspects of the human experience. Each track within this collection speaks to the complexities of relationships, from the euphoria of love to the agony of heartbreak. With the aim to embrace the full spectrum of emotions, vaultboy invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. 

At the heart of this musical odyssey lies "take the hit", a powerful anthem of resilience in the face of adversity. Through its empowering lyrics and infectious melodies, the song serves as a rallying cry for perseverance, reminding us all of our inner strength to rise again, no matter how hard life hits.

"This song is my anthem. It’s about the idea that when life knocks you down, you have to keep going. I hope this song reminds people how resilient they are, and can help them keep getting back up, no matter how many punches life throws," vaultboy shares.

With 'everything and nothing', vaultboy delivers not just an album, but a beacon of hope and encouragement for anyone navigating life's ups and downs.

Since his explosive debut in 2021, vaultboy’s talent for songwriting has garnered him over 750 million streams and fans from all over the world. Navigating matters of the heart through his music with perfect poise, his talent for witty and relatable lyricism has not gone unnoticed, with Rolling Stone calling him the "King of Sad Songs".

Currently, Asian markets dominate his Top 10 Streaming Markets Worldwide. His Top 10 list includes  India,  Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Philippines,  Taiwan and  Thailand.  

vaultboy is gearing up to kick off his upcoming multi-city global tour in May. The trek will take him across Europe, Australia and Asia with stops in Manila and Singapore. 

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