Ricky Montgomery Shares Highly-Anticipated Deluxe Album 'Rick(y)'

Breakout alt-pop artist Ricky Montgomery presents 'Rick(y)', the deluxe edition of his acclaimed major label debut album, 'Rick'. The two-disc record features nine additional tracks, including new songs “Here Comes The Moon”, “Penny Come Home”, and “Same Shit (Interlude)”, plus previously released standalone singles “Reptilia” and “Unknown Phantom”. 
About the new edition, Ricky shared, “Just before delivering my deluxe album, I made the decision to put 3 "old" songs onto the tracklist. Why? Truthfully, I had always wanted ‘Talk To You,’ ‘Sorry For Me,’ and ‘Settle Down’ to end up on Rick.

Obviously, I ended up releasing them much earlier (and I'm still happy I did!). Despite that, releasing Rick without these songs felt strange. They are in every way connected to narratives present on that album, and yet they weren't literally on the tracklist. ‘Black Fins’ and the interludes feel narratively incomplete without ‘Talk To You’ and ‘Sorry For Me.’ And there's a nostalgic playfulness on ‘Settle Down’ that I wasn't able to capture with a song like ‘Boy Toy’ in quite the same way.

In fact, this is a big reason why we've called the deluxe "Rick(y)" to begin with: it's not just a deluxe, but a true conclusion to the musician Ricky Montgomery's 2nd chapter. And now ‘Unknown Phantom’ - the final track on Rick(y) - serves as its epilogue and a preview of what's to come next.”

Earlier this year, Ricky wrapped up his biggest North America headline tour yet – "The Rick Tour: Another Rick in the Wall” – plus a completely sold-out leg throughout the UK/Europe. Next up, he’ll descend upon Singapore, Jakarta, and Australia for more sold-out shows this month.

Asia 2024 Tour Dates
24 May: Singapore – Pasir Panjang Power Station Block A
26 May: Jakarta, Indonesia – Java Jazz Festival

With 2 billion streams and 8.3 billion TikTok views, Ricky continues to foster his devoted young fanbase that hangs onto every word of his sunny, soul-searching alt-pop about life in all its messy and mundane glory. The recent release of his major label debut album 'Rick' incited unanimous praise from fans and critics alike, with WONDERLAND promising, “this album is set to be a defining chapter in the career of Montgomery, fully coming into his own as an artist with depth, character and presence.” Billboard raved, “The listener can’t help but pay attention to Montgomery.”

Steadily building his fanbase across Asia, Ricky's Top 10 global streaming markets now include the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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