Pop-Punk Star LØLØ Drops New Single and Video "kill the girl"

Pop-punk powerhouse LØLØ shares her latest single “kill the girl”. Caustic, punchy, and undeniably LØLØ, “kill the girl” finds the rising star wrestling with self-loathing as she admits that some part of herself still misses a toxic ex. The energetic track pairs gritty, rasping guitars with dynamic percussion to capture LØLØ’s frustration and agitation as she struggles to leave the past in the past.

True to form, LØLØ’s witty lyricism and powerful vocal performance find a perfect balance between irreverence and authenticity. LØLØ taps into the universal experience of feeling trapped in emotions that you’re dying to be free from as she sings, “Cuz I can’t take when she brings you up / when she says your name / when she calls you drunk / I’m losing my mind / I’m screaming I want to kill the girl / inside of me who misses you.”

LØLØ says this of the single: “I wrote 'kill the girl' about the girl inside of me who could just NOT get over someone, for the life of me. For some reason, we tend to always remember the good parts but not the millions of BAD parts. That was the case with me for a long time with a certain someone. I didn’t know why I was so hung up on them, and I wished I could just knock some sense into that part of me, or, simply kill her. 'Kill the girl' was the last song I wrote about this person, so in a way, I really did kill the girl.”

LØLØ has released a slew of popular singles this year as she moves towards releasing her debut LP 'falling for robots and wishing i was one' (out June 7th via Hopeless Records). While all the tracks have touched on the ending of a toxic relationship, “kill the girl” finds LØLØ turning inwards and examining her own emotions as a different kind of roadblock between herself and freedom.

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