New Earworm Single from Japan’s Muque

Japanese four-piece band muque – featuring members Asakura (vocals and guitar), Lenon (bass), takachi (trackmaking and drums) and Kenichi (guitar) – released their new digital single ‘desert.’ on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. The band’s name is pronounced “muku”.

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The new song ‘desert.’ is a major departure from the rock approach of muque’s previous single ‘Bite you’: With its simple, impactful track based on a two-step beat and its killer earworm acoustic guitar hook, ‘desert.’ charts a new frontier for muque.

“Nothing matters,” “I don’t need anything,” “It’s all pointless” – with such themes, the lyrics paint a desolate world that feels barren like a desert.
But they are ultimately hopeful, filled with desire for the oasis that lies beyond.
The song shows a new, empowering side to muque, who have been able to overcome the trials
and tribulations of making music thanks to the strength they gain from the love lavished upon them by their audience.
The jacket artwork was created by Give Me! Tomotaka, a multi-talented artist from Japan whose work includes illustration, merchandise design, character design and animation, and who also created the artwork for ‘Bite you’.
The previous jacket image showed the members of muque as RPG characters embarking on a great adventure – and this time we see them preparing for battle, as their epic story continues.

Digital single ‘desert.’ - Released Wednesday, May 15, 2024

muque profile
muque is a four-piece band from Fukuoka formed in May 2022, comprising Asakara(Vo>), Lenon(Ba), takachi (Track make&Dr), and Kenichi(Gt).

muque’s song is produced mainly by takachi, who is the band’s drummer, trackmaker, and song arranger, and Asakura, who is in charge of the topline and lyricist.

Their most appealing features are the contemporaneous tracks by takachi, who prefers not only American and British music, but worldwide music including ASIAN global beats, the poetic lyrics by Asakura, and their melody lines with a Japanese feel.

This song creates a unique world through Asakura’s emotional vocalization.

The band’s name “muque” combines the French word "musique", meaning “music,” and the Japanese word “無垢”(muku), which means “purity”.

The band's name expresses the desire to continue producing only the kind of music they want to make, without being influenced by their surroundings.
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