In Her Actresss Era: Tiffany Young Graces Uncle Samsik’s EP 7 as the Intriguing and Quick-Witted Rachel Jung

The long wait is over, Filo SONES! In case you missed it, Tiffany’s character, Rachel Jung, finally appeared on the seventh episode of Uncle Samsik, the latest political period drama on Disney+. Poised and charismatic, Rachel can easily persuade the men around her with her beautiful face and wit. In the recent episode of Uncle Samsik, we finally see Tiffany Young in her actress era and we can’t help but  scream for more! So, catch more of her on Uncle Samsik streaming weekly on #DisneyPlusPH. 

A femme fatale in white. Rachel Jung is confident and determined and she knows what she wants. Will she let the men around her stop her? No. Will she let the politics of the time be at odds with her goals? Absolutely not.  Rachel is just getting started and she will stay and slay!

Face card? That’s an entire face economy. How can you say ‘no’ to THE Tiffany, we mean Rachel? Shrouded in mystery, will Rachel’s arrival shake up Uncle Samsik’s grand plan? Or does she have her own agenda to pursue? Ready for a competition, Yeojin?

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