House of Protection's Debut Single "It’s Supposed To Hurt" Out Now

Aric Improta (Night Verses) and Stephen Harrison (The Chariot) today announced the launch of their new project, House of Protection. Joining the Red Bull Records roster after their recent departure from Fever 333, the duo take their extensive background as boundary-pushing live musicians to the next level, combining the sonic forces of punk, electronic, and hardcore. Built on a shared vision to forge a safe space for self-expression and limitless creativity, the band’s ethos can be felt in their ambitious sound and frenetic visuals. 

On the meaning behind House of Protection, Aric says, “‘Protection’ was specifically chosen because it’s a Massive Attack song and I was reading their biography as we started this project. It was very inspiring when it came to us initiating this whole thing. The full name is because we wanted to build something that protected our creativity and ideas as well as the people that come to the shows.”

Their debut single, “It’s Supposed To Hurt,” sees Aric and Stephen sing for the first time in their careers – discovering a voice neither knew they had. The abrasive anthem is produced by Jordan Fish (Bring Me The Horizon) and accompanied by an official video capturing the House of Protection energy in a series of extreme, chaos-fueled shots. The band’s DIY spirit bleeds through the screen, giving fans a taste of their live shows to come.

On the origins of the single, the band shares, “‘It’s Supposed To Hurt’ was the first song we wrote. Some of the vocals were from our initial improvisations. When we started this, we had no idea how we would sound or where we wanted to take it. Neither of us had sung before, we just knew the energy we wanted to create sonically and that we’d put in whatever time it took to get it to feel right. Fortunately, this song answered a lot of those questions instantly.”

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