Cha-Ching’s One Million in Philippines: Building Resilient Communities through Financial Education

Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm in Asia and Africa of Prudential plc, Pru Life UK’s parent company, in partnership with Junior Achievement Philippines, celebrated one million students nationwide who have been taught basic money management skills through the financial literacy programme Cha-Ching. Beneficiaries and co-advocates joined the milestone event to commemorate this achievement.

In photo (L-R): Pia Warburton - Regional Programme Manager, Prudence Foundation; Krishna C. Alejandrino - Executive Director, JA Philippines; Atty. Reynaldo Regalado – Commissioner, Insurance Commission; Sanjay Chakrabarty - President & CEO, Pru Life UK; Maziar Sabet - President and CEO, JA Asia Pacific; Asec. Dexter A. Galban - Assistant Secretary for Operations, Department

Created by Prudence Foundation, Cha-Ching is a financial education programme for children aged seven to twelve. It is a series of animated, music-based cartoons developed in partnership with Cartoon Network Asia and Emmy award-winning, Children’s Educational Specialist, Dr. Alice Wilder. A school curriculum programme was also developed with Junior Achievement Asia Pacific to instill good values, knowledge, and behavior around money in children.

A Reason to Celebrate: Reaching One Million Students in the Philippines
The event underscored the shared commitment of Pru Life UK and Prudence Foundation, together with Junior Achievement Philippines and Junior Achievement Asia Pacific, one of the most impactful youth-serving organizations, to equip young students with the necessary skills to build a brighter and more secure financial future through the Cha-Ching curriculum.
In photo: Raine Santiago Nakpil - Cha-Ching alumni and Sanjay Chakrabarty - President & CEO, Pru Life UK

Sanjay Chakrabarty, Pru Life UK President & CEO, welcomed the participants and guests by sharing how Pru Life UK champions financial literacy through Cha-Ching and its local programmes which are aligned with the company’s community investment efforts on building long-term resilience for communities.

In photo (L-R): Jed Velarde -  JA PH Board of Trustees; Sanjay Chakrabarty - President & CEO, Pru Life UK; Pia Warburton - Regional Programme Manager, Prudence Foundation; Asec. Dexter A. Galban - Assistant Secretary for Operations, Department

In a panel discussion, public and private sector speakers shared their insights on the importance of financial literacy education, the progress made in institutionalizing it in the school curriculum, and the plans and outlook in furthering financial literacy in the country. Panelists include Pru Life UK President and CEO Sanjay Chakrabarty, Prudence Foundation Regional Programme Manager Pia Warburton, and Department of Education Assistant Secretary for Operations Dexter Galban.
Future Strides for Cha-Ching
Additionally, Cha-Ching has introduced innovative initiatives such as “Cha-Ching Money Adventures”, an interactive online game and a dynamic learning platform designed to equip students and teachers with vital money management skills. These efforts have been recognized with prestigious accolades, including the Silver Asia-Pacific Stevie® Award in 2021 and 2024, and the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards in 2022, highlighting Cha-Ching's commitment to promoting financial literacy among Filipino youth and its dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in financial education.

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