Blxst Teams Up With Offset for Tropical Summer Track “Risk Taker”

On the heels of his debut Coachella performance last month, Grammy-nominated rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Blxst today released the next song of the summer, “Risk Taker” with Grammy-nominated Atlanta icon, Offset. Setting the tone with a tropical-infused melody and afro-inspired beat, it’s a pivot from Blxst’s typical LA-rooted R&B, but a welcomed layer to his multidimensional artistry. 
On working with Offset, Blxst shares, “Offset reached out to me after ‘Before You Go’ and he wanted me to rework a hook he’d put together. His verse was already laid and it had risk taker energy. It just felt expensive. Offset has always been my favorite Migo in the group. His fashion, his flow, I was always tapped in. This felt like a full circle moment.”

The pair are no strangers to collaborating, as Offset recently hopped on the extended version of "Killer Mike" and Blxst’s poignant track, “Exit 9.” Blxst adds, “Sonically, it feels like the epitome of what a Blxst record is supposed to be. The sun’s out, people are dancing, it feels tropical.”

“Risk Taker” is out today on Red Bull Records/EVGLE and will appear on a larger body of work from Blxst this year. Stay tuned for more details. 

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