vaultboy Releases Heartfelt Track "you're my moon" Ahead of Album Release

vaultboy is charging ahead towards his debut album, 'everything and nothing', with the release of his latest single, "you're my moon." This midtempo ballad, adorned with piano keys and pop synths, explores the concept of unwavering love amid life's fluctuations. Set against a backdrop of heartfelt melodies, "you're my moon" encapsulates the essence of finding a love that remains constant through every twist and turn. vaultboy's debut album, 'everything and nothing,' is slated for release on May 10.

Reflecting on the essence of the song, vaultboy shares, "This song is about that person that's always there for you. Whether you’re the happiest you’ve ever been, or going through darker times, they’re the person that's always there to love you through it. Especially when most of the people in your life come and go." With its poignant exploration of enduring love amidst life's uncertainties, vaultboy hopes that "you're my moon" resonates with listeners as a testament to the strength of true companionship. He adds, "I hope people enjoy this darker love song, and use it as a good excuse to tell their partner they love them." 

vaultboy has been steadily releasing new music the last several months and it's proving to resonate with fans as he actively has over 3.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He's also seen spikes across social media with hundreds of thousands of new followers on TikTok (1.75M total) and Instagram (428K total). 

vaultboy is gearing up to kick off his upcoming multi-city global tour in May. The trek will take him across Europe, Australia and Asia with stops in Manila and Singapore. 

Asia 2024 Tour Dates
11 June: Tokyo, Japan
13 June: Manila, Philippines
14 June: Singapore 

Since his explosive debut in 2021, vaultboy’s talent for songwriting has garnered him over 750 million streams and fans from all over the world. Navigating matters of the heart through his music with perfect poise, his talent for witty and relatable lyricism has not gone unnoticed, with Rolling Stone calling him the "King of Sad Songs".

Currently, Asian markets dominate his Top 10 Streaming Markets Worldwide. His Top 10 list includes  India,  Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Philippines,  Taiwan and  Thailand.  

'everything and nothing' tracklist
1. take the hit
2. closer (feat. salem ilese)
3. where tf have you been?
4. you're my moon
5. everything is getting better
6. hello, goodbye
7. everything hits me at once
8. everything is falling apart again
9. everything, everywhere (feat. eaJ)
10. petals
11. this is heaven, this is hell
12. everything is nothing 

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