THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE Announces New Single ‘CyberHelix’, Out on May 8

J-pop group THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE is back with a brand new single ‘CyberHelix,’ available for streaming now and will be hitting stores on May 8th. The track serves as the theme song for their upcoming THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR “CyberHelix” RX-16. 

Not just another song, "CyberHelix" is a declaration of their intent to push boundaries and redefine entertainment. The track embodies the group's unwavering spirit of evolution, a spirit further fueled by the unique talents and personalities of the members.

Formed in 2014, THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE is a 16-member group hailing from the EXILE TRIBE family under LDH JAPAN.  Born from three prestigious auditions, the group brings together elite performers and aspiring vocalists with international ambitions. THE RAMPAGE is known for their hip-hop style performances and songs that celebrate life, love, and friendship. Their positive message will surely resonate with Asian Pop fans of all ages.

THE RAMPAGE consistently sells out arenas in Japan, captivating over 260,000 fans with their performances. This success fueled their global expansion in 2023, where they ignited stages in Thailand at NIPPON HAKU BANGKOK and PEPSI's BIG MOUNTAIN MUSIC FESTIVAL. They further solidified their growing international fanbase with their first successful fan concert, "THE BEGINNING," in Seoul last November 2023. 

With no signs of slowing down, the group is poised to dominate the global stage this year. THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR “CyberHelix” RX-16 kicks off this momentum, marking the group’s 8th live tour of the group, which will take place from April to July this year. Stay tuned for even more exciting announcements by following THE RAMPAGE’s official social media pages.


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