Season 13 is The Most Competitive Season in MPL Indonesia—Which Team Will Not Make it to the Playoffs?

MPL ID Season 13 is now halfway through the season. In the mid-season of MPL Indonesia S13, Bigetron Alpha managed to become the top team, breaking ONIC's win streak from Season 11.

Comparison of MPL Indonesia half-season standings from Season 11-13

The struggles and development of the teams became increasingly visible towards the end of the MPL ID S13 Regular Season this time. Some teams started with very poor performance, but now they can take over the leaderboard and be a surprise for MLBB Esports fans.

The red robot, Bigetron Alpha, was able to win the Half Regular Season Champion title from ONIC this season. Statistically, since Season 11, Kairi and friends have always sat at the top of the standings until the middle of the season. However, this time, ONIC ended up in third place after the second half of Season 13.
The competition between RRQ Hoshi and EVOS Glory as the two big teams in MPL Indonesia also looks very fierce. Both are in the red zone of the standings, and this is the first time for the King. EVOS Glory has currently shown rapid development and has succeeded in climbing the standings from 9th position to 7th position.
RRQ Hoshi on the other hand seems to still be having difficulty climbing the standings. The King has a small percentage of qualifying for the Playoffs. Irrad—who used to be a star at RSG PH—and his friends had to win two matches to be able to reach a 50% percentage of qualifying for the playoffs in the following weeks.
Based on existing data, this season is RRQ's worst performance after MPL ID Season 3, because it has a small percentage of qualifying for the playoffs after the Half Season.
Apart from RRQ and EVOS who are currently struggling, there are Alter Ego and AURA who have succeeded in turning things around. In Season 12, Alter Ego and AURA failed to qualify for the Playoffs, while currently they have managed to be in the Top 4 of the Half Regular Season Standings Board. The exchange of players carried out by these two teams has also succeeded in producing good performance this season.
Aura Gugun, as a Rookie in MPL Indonesia Season 13, has proven that he can compete with other top players by bringing Aura to become the most objective team so far.
Alter Ego is with its World Champion Trio, and AURA with Gugun and Yawi as the two main pillars at the moment. Behind AURA's optimal performance, Gugun is the Grassroots Player with the Best Performance in MPL ID S13 in terms of Game Objective.
The Fire Dragon also managed to break their achievement, and for the first time reached second place after the Half Season took place. In Seasons 8 and 9, AURA could only end up in third place in the Regular Season.
DEWA United Esports, as a newcomer to MPL ID, looks like it can still compete with the big MPL ID teams. This season is the second season for them to prove themselves again, and currently, they are in 5th position on the standings.
The veteran duo from Dewa United Esports, Drian and Wattt also proved that Dewa as a newcomer team is capable of being above the big teams.
Drian also became one of the highlighted players, because this was his first season competing with DEWA United Esports. Until the end of Season 13, Drian 100% filled DEWA's lineup, collecting 4 wins for his team.
There are 4 weeks left for the teams to compete for slots to go to the MPL ID Season 13 Playoffs. Can Bigetron Alpha maintain its position at the top of the standings? Will RRQ record new history this season? Can the Aura Dragon finally break their curse on MPL ID? Don't forget to continue watching MPL ID Season 13 every Friday to Sunday from 15.00 WIB. 
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