rouri404 Leans Into Raw Emo Stylings on New Single “shotgun carousel”

Orlando's rising singer-songwriter and producer, rouri404, today released his gritty new single, "shotgun carousel" on Red Bull Records. Following a year of head-rush hyperpop singles, he further explores the raw emotion and intensity of alternative and emo, incorporating a visceral screamo element influenced by formative bands like Bring Me The Horizon. “shotgun carousel” arrives with an official video that brings to life a cathartic release of pent-up emotions that’s both healing and haunting. 

rouri404 shares, “‘shotgun carousel’ is one of those few songs I was able to fully put myself into, letting all outside noise & problems of reality go away for a moment. All the pieces fell together very quickly, and it was super therapeutic just being able to get in a flow state of mind with all of my closest friends and collaborators. The lyrics are very much just a venting of anything and everything I had been feeling at the moment, whether feelings of hopelessness and life being wasted, or just the loss of somebody you love, through heartbreak or death. I have also always taken inspiration from the 'SAW' franchise, trying to replicate that same feeling of dread from the first films into music somehow. So I took the name “shotgun carousel” from there, using the scenes with that trap as a kind of 'vibe setter' for the lyrics and overall sound.”

Since emerging from the SoundCloud scene, rouri404 has continuously evolved his sound, embracing elements from a variety of genres and cybercultures. His latest work on Red Bull Records showcases his ability to turn introspection into art, with tracks like “spit” and “numb” pulling back the curtain on his boundless production. 

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