PRESS RELEASE- XG Teams Up with VALORANT for Collaboration Single “UNDEFEATED”

HIP HOP/R&B-inspired girl group XG release their collaboration single "UNDEFEATED" with the world's fastest-growing FPS game VALORANT today!

The accompanying official music video portrays the journey of a player whose fate is foretold by a fortune teller, and is led to become resigned to an inevitable defeat. He finds renewed hope and resolve when his friends encourage him to reject the prophecy. Ultimately, he rises to the occasion, defying fate and demonstrating that anyone can overcome adversity.

This captivating music video serves as an inspirational narrative for players, gamers and fans alike, delivering a powerful message that regardless of the obstacles one faces, they possess the inner strength to rise to the challenge and shape their own destiny.
Under the creative direction of JAKOPS, XG’s Executive Producer, “UNDEFEATED” embodies the unmistakable confidence and vibrancy of XG’s signature style. The song delivers a powerful message of fearlessness and seizing the moment, underscored by a pulsating baseline, minimalist drum drum composition and ethereal synthesizers. Featuring the distinctive vocals of XG members, the song serves as a rallying cry for those who dare to confront challenges head-on.
The collaboration single “UNDEFEATED” with the globally acclaimed game VALORANT is part of the Asia-Pacific regional event “VCT Pacific 2024,” an official international esports league that is currently underway, organised by Riot Games as part of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024 (VCT).

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