New Pmarusama Anime Song

Pmarusama released her latest song ‘Zenryoku Joshi Kakumei!’ on April 7.


This bright and cheerful song was written as the opening theme song for the anime series ‘Himitsu no AIPRI’.

The song’s title roughly translates as ‘Full Force Women’s Revolution!’
“Since the anime is set in a school, I wanted the song to incorporate musical instruments that sound at home in a school! As the title suggests,I sang it with the full force of my conviction! I put a lot of effort into singing with everything I’ve got while also expressing myself just the way I am. It would make me happy if the song could cheer you up when you hear it,” 
Pmarusama said, 
A music video is scheduled to be released after April 15.

Download and streaming links |
Music video | Coming to YouTube after April 15.


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