Kofi's First Single of the Year “Impatient”

Rising Afro-Canadian rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Kofi today released his first single of the year, “Impatient” on Red Bull Records. The atmospheric blend of Afrobeats and R&B comes alive in the stunning time-lapse visualizer, portraying a relationship that has become all but background noise. Kofi’s signature sleek vocals and rhythmic percussion make for an addictive, slow-burning stand-out in a string of new singles to come. 

On the inspiration, Kofi shares, “I wrote ‘Impatient’ from a place of missing someone for who they once were, and my desire for things to go back to how they used to be, although I know they never will.” 

Kofi's time in the studio has recently been balanced with returning to pro volleyball. An all-star player on UCLA's team in 2020, he left sports behind to pursue music full-time. Four years later, he ambitiously juggles both, playing for Hurrikaani Loimaa in Finland’s Mestaruusliiga league as he trains to compete with Team Canada. This past month, Kofi brought home the win for his team in the Finnish championship, sweeping the series by 4-0. His elite skill in volleyball coupled with his singular production and vocals renders him a double threat to watch this year.

With over 144K YouTube channel subscribers, 38.3K TikTok followers and an average of more than 187k monthly stream listeners, Kofi's music has garnered international appeal, including in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia which rank amongst his top 15 most streamed countries.

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