I Don’t Like Mondays. Releases New Song ‘New York, New York’, Marking Their 10th Anniversary!

Japanese four-piece rock band I Don’t Like Mondays. have released new song ‘New York, New York’, their first new release of 2024.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of I Don’t Like Mondays.’s major-label debut. 2024 is already off to a great start: The band’s first tour of China sold out the day it went on sale, and they wrote ‘LOVE TRIGGER’, the 10th single by Snow Man, which sold a million copies within its first two days on sale.

‘New York, New York’ is the first song marking the 10th anniversary of I Don’t Like Mondays.,
and is based on the UK sound that is central to the band members’ roots, depicting the feelings of a heartbroken, melancholic man.

From the demo production stage, the band members and their team all agreed that this should be their first release for this landmark anniversary.

In addition, vocalist YU spent his high school years in New York and still makes regular visits, holding the city close to his heart.

As a result, the lyrics are filled with yearning, and the jacket artwork is a photo that YU himself took in New York.

In addition to their tour of China earlier this year, in 2023 I Don’t Like Mondays. performed at festivals and solo concerts in five countries around Europe, South America and Asia.
The new single embodies the world-class J-pop music the band have created since their debut, and is the perfect song to start off their 10th anniversary year.
To further commemorate their first decade in music, the band will perform in 13 cities across Japan on the Island Tour from April 30, followed by a tour of Asia titled ‘FOCUS’ ASIA TOUR in fall. This will be the band’s first full-scale tour of Asia, with 10 performances in eight cities.
Global interest in I Don’t Like Mondays. intensified in 2022 with the release of ‘PAINT’, their theme song for the anime series ‘ONE PIECE’, which became the second-longest running theme song in the history of the series.

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