Devin Kennedy Releases Love Singalong “Annie”

Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Devin Kennedy, a rising force in R&B Pop with hundreds of millions of streams and an average of 2 million monthly listeners, has released his brand new infectious sing-along titled "Annie". 

Listen here:

Kennedy's artistic progression takes a significant step forward from his previous single, "Falling for You," which spoke about embracing the vulnerability of being completely swept off one's feet. In contrast, his current track, "Annie," delves into the intricacies of mutual understanding. 

"'Annie' touches on the heart of communication in a relationship, emphasizing the importance of small gestures and the effort to understand and adapt to each other's needs. I wanted to convey that true love is about the nuanced balance between giving space and holding close, showing care in the way that's most needed," says Kennedy.

Watch here.

Building on the momentum of his previous track, "Falling for You," which has received significant support from various streaming platforms, Kennedy's music also secured placements in prominent playlists.  These included Spotify's New Music Friday across Asia, TikTok's New Music Alert, Vevo's New Music Friday, and KKBOX's New International Music. In addition to streaming success, the song also secured rotation on radio stations across Southeast Asia.

Kennedy is committed to expanding his presence in this region, evidenced by his strong listener base in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. His top 5 most streamed cities include Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Quezon City, and Singapore.

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