2024 World Music Festival @Taiwan Holds Open-Call Submissions for Artists

Promising to build upon upon the resounding success of previous years, the 2024 World Music Festival @Taiwan (WMFT) lays the foundation of its 8th edition with the announcement of its open-call submission for its showcase application starting May 25.

Scheduled to take place across three stages at Taipei's premier musical venue from October 11th to 13th, this year's event works under the banner theme "GROOVE TO YOUR ADDICTION.” The festival also explores the intricate relationship between artists and audiences delving deep into three distinct facets: Hooked On Music, Immersed In Music, and Touched By. WMFT remains dedicated to curating diverse musical experiences while providing a professional platform for burgeoning global talents.


Notably, artists from last year's festival are invited to perform at renowned showcase festivals worldwide this year, including Colours Of Ostrava (CZ), Tallinn Music Week (EE), Seoul Music Week (KR), and beyond, thereby etching a new chapter for diverse music on the global stage.
Excitingly, the selection process now boasts 16 showcases, comprising nine from Taiwan and seven from overseas. To ensure a fair competition, applications are divided into two categories: Jury Selection and New Talents, catering to emerging artists of varying degrees and ages who are seeking discovery and cultivation.

The 2024 WMFT proudly welcomes 15 esteemed international experts from across the music industry, and the first wave list has been announced! Among them are Darek Mazzone from KEXP; Filip Košťálek and Zlata Holušová from Colours of Ostrava; Martyna van Nieuwland from Music Meeting Festival; Noda Ryuji from Music Lane Festival Okinawa; Phuong Le from Wonderfruit Festival; Takuya Salam Unagam from NHK; and Umair Jaffar from Small World Music Festival.
Participating in face-to-face sessions with artists, such as Speed Meetings, Networking, and Industry Conferences, these industry stalwarts not only explore opportunities for emerging talent but also impart invaluable insights to participants.
Reflecting on her experience at the 2023 WMFT, Minna Huuskonen, founder of Minnamurra Music, shared, "I was especially interested in the indigenous music and was amazed how the small island captures many areas of flourishing musical life."
The WMFT offers musicians a golden opportunity to captivate both Asian audiences and international industry experts with their exceptional skills. Through years of fostering diversity and excellence, it has solidified its position as an indispensable music festival in East Asia.
are now open to independent and emerging artists worldwide, with final results slated for announcement on June 19th, 2024.

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