Tomonari Sora Tops Billboard Japan’s Heatseekers Songs Chart with ‘Demons Banquet’

Japanese musician Tomonari Sora’s song ‘Demons Banquet’ has taken the No. 1 spot on Billboard Japan’s Heatseekers Songs weekly chart for March 6 – the song’s third consecutive week at the top of the chart.

The original demo for ‘Demons Banquet’ generated huge buzz on TikTok, and the song was released digitally in January this year.

The track went on to rank on Billboard Japan’s Heatseekers Songs chart along with Apple Music’s J-pop chart, Spotify’s Viral chart and YouTube’s Music Video chart, in countries and regions worldwide.

‘Demons Banquet’ layers playful lyrics over a quirky, danceable track, conveying the strange sensation of accidentally stumbling into a beastly banquet.

“This is a song about the will to live. Even if others consider you a misfit, you only get one life, so live it to the fullest. These are the demon’s whispered words. I hope that when you listen to it, you can become immersed in the feast and forget about the worries of the world,” shared  Tomonari Sora.

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