Shinichi Osawa’s Duo RHYME SO Release New Lyric Video for ‘UNFOLLOW YOU’

RHYME SO, a duo comprising Japan’s leading dance-music producer/MONDO GROSSO member Shinichi Osawa and Australian poet, DJ, trackmaker and performer RHYME, have released a lyric video for ‘UNFOLLOW YOU’, taken from their 2023 album ‘IAFB’.

The song includes samples from the 1982 classic hit single ‘Akai Sweet Pea’, which was originally performed by Seiko Matsuda, with lyrics by pioneering Japanese rock musician and Happy End member Takashi Matsumoto, and music by singer-songwriter/national treasure Yumi Matsutoya.

This is the first time a Seiko Matsuda song has ever been sampled, which was made possible by Osawa sending letters directly to lyricist Matsumoto and composer Matsutoya to personally request their permission.

The chorus to ‘Akai Sweet Pea’ features the lyric “I will follow you”, which back in 1982 was meant as an expression of affection for someone special.

In the modern age of social media, a “follow” is simply a number to show popularity. RHYME SO’s track leans into this wordplay to warn of an era in which human beings and entertainment alike are at the mercy of the cynical pursuit of follows and likes.
“This song is intended to sound an alarm about the current state of the music scene. How can we express individuality in an era where everything is being standardized by algorithms? With these thoughts in mind, I wrote letters to Takashi Matsumoto and Yumi Matsutoya, and against all odds, they gave me permission to sample their song ‘Akai Sweet Pea’. I hope you will take a deeper look at the meaning behind the lyrics,” says Shinichi Osawa.


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