Jesse McCartney Releases Second Track from 'All’s Well' EP “Make a Baby” FT. Yung Gravy

Jesse McCartney has cracked an untapped code for himself — a code for promoting joy and wellbeing. The pop star’s pursuit of radical defiance refuses to stick to anyone’s expectations. His followup to 2021’s 'New Stage''All’s Well' (due April 5, 2024) is a fun, supple, and fascinating step on the multi-talented multi-hyphenate’s journey of expressing a true self beyond the expectations and demands—equal parts vintage Hall and Oates, postmodern swag, and honeymoon sincerity packaged in that undeniable McCartney charm.

No track embodies that delectable incongruity better than the EP’s second single, The Eleven-produced “Make a Baby”. A pitch-perfect blend of ‘00s Timbaland beat-making and modern pop R&B flow, the track is the most sensuous McCartney has ever sounded. But listen closely, and every one of his splashy, sultry lines “I want it all, it’s tasty/ I eat it up like pastry” is matched with a line about the realities of scheduling frequent sex when making a baby is the goal “It’s all she wants to do/ Got me on a schedule, always in the mood”. And the song hits home for its honesty —starting a family is something he and his wife Katie (Peterson) McCartney are building towards. “Sometimes the actual process is not the sexiest thing. There’s a lot of scheduling involved,” he laughs. “I wanted to keep it fun and playful, but also illustrate that there’s some growth here. Now I’m singing about making a baby instead of leaving on a G5.” 

After meeting pop-rap sensation Yung Gravy at a concert, McCartney enlisted him for a second version of the track, Gravy offering the more youthful pop star perspective of needing to be convinced that literal baby-making is a good idea. 

“Yung Gravy and I talked for several months about doing something together, but it never seemed to come together for scheduling reasons,” shares McCartney. “Then, one day during a writing session I had in LA, out came this chorus that I thought had Gravy’s name all over it. I sent it to him and he immediately loved it. He recorded his verses for “Make a Baby” very soon after.” Gravy adds, “Jesse is a true legend and endlessly talented. We clicked immediately. Then he sent me this chorus and I thought instantly, this is a hit!”

Boasting over 2.4 Billion streams globally and almost 800 Million views on YouTube, McCartney solidifies his position as a musical powerhouse. Throughout his career, McCartney has built a strong fan base in Asia. His Top 10 Streaming Markets worldwide include #2 Philippines 🇵🇭, #4 Thailand 🇹🇭, #7 Malaysia 🇲🇾, #8 Indonesia 🇮🇩 and #13 Singapore 🇸🇬.

With McCartney's EP 'All’s Well' set for release next month and two tracks already unveiled, fans can eagerly anticipate a diverse musical experience, ranging from infectious R&B beats to playful romantic tracks and personal reflections, all encapsulating the essence of McCartney's artistic evolution.

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