J-pop Group GENIC’s Members Show Their Songwriting Skills on New Album, ‘N_G’

The album’s title ‘N_G’ comes from the “SeveN_Gifts” of its seven talented members,
and is also a reference to the Japanese phrase “Negai_Goto”, which means a wish from the heart.

With songs based on these themes, the album is filled with the type of vocal harmony that is unique to this seven-member co-ed dance and vocal group, and all the excitement and playfulness that J-pop brings.

The album includes 15 songs. Seven of these were created through a combination of the seven members’ individual talents, from composition to lyric writing to choreography, and others were produced by artists including Taiki Kudo from boyband Da-iCE, 2023’s Best Global Music Album Grammy Award winner Masanori Takumi, and Jazzin’park hitmaker Shingo Kubota.

From the deep meanings underpinning the album’s title to the worldbuilding of its songs, ‘N_G’ is the perfect introduction to GENIC and their music.

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