Awesome City Club Releases Mini Album

Japanese band Awesome City Club release their new digital mini-album ‘close:to’ on Wednesday, March 13.

All of the songs have been used in collaboration projects, including ‘hikari’,
the theme song for the Wednesday drama series ‘Nursing Aide At Your Side’ currently airing on Nippon Television in Japan.

The mini-album ‘close:to’ includes several songs with the theme of “you and me”, so the spelling of the title is intended to reflect the closeness of the band and the listener. However, using Japanese wordplay, the title is pronounced “closet”, as each song is like a beloved item of clothing that the band have stored carefully in a wardrobe.

The mini-album compiles Awesome City Club’s tracks following their fourth full-length album ‘Get Set’, released in 2022.
1. hikari (Nippon Television Wednesday drama ‘Nursing Aide At Your Side’ theme song)
2. Iolite (TBS Tuesday drama ‘Kissing the Ring Finger’ insert song)
4. Setting Sail ~MODERN LOVE • TOKYO(Amazon Original drama ‘Modern Love Tokyo’ theme song)
5. yume yume yume (Amazon Original drama ‘Modern Love Tokyo’ episode 7)
6. Good Morning (TV Asahi ‘Good! Morning’ theme song)
In April, Awesome City Club will celebrate their ninth anniversary with their first solo concert tour in two years, titled Awesome Talks - One Man Show 2024.

The tour kicks off with a show at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA in Tokyo on Friday, April 19, followed by a show at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka on Sunday, April 21. Don’t miss it!


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