Alex Siegel Releases Sweet New Single "Honey"

California-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and Skittles lover, Alex Siegel has unveiled his latest release, titled "Honey." 

The track captures the nostalgic vibe of classic AM radio hits from the early '70s, as Siegel reflects on his domestic bliss with his new fiancée through the lyrics: “Sweet like honey/ Anytime you put it on me/ Ain’t it funny/ That we don’t have to be anybody.”

With his father’s hand-me-down Yamaha acoustic guitar, the gentle tinkling of a Rhodes piano, and a smooth rhythm section, the Los Angeles-based artist poured his heart into crafting “Honey.” Recorded directly onto tape in his abode, with his canine companion, Skittles, by his side, Siegel ensured that the track embodied the honesty of the moment, reflecting in the intimate lyrics.

In his own words, Siegel shares his insights on the track: "I sang and played all the instruments and recorded it at home with my Tascam 388 tape machine. It was mixed beautifully by Jake Aron, and my partner Julia contributed some of the lyrics. For me, it's about letting go, being yourself, and not worrying about how other people perceive you."

Building on the success of his 2022 album, 'Courage,' which showcased his glittering vocals and thoughtful poetics, Siegel displays an emboldened confidence in his music. While he’s an accomplished jazz guitarist and former touring musician with Malian guitar legend Vieux Farka Toure, Alex Siegel's dedication to musical excellence remains unwavering as he ensures that each melody reaches its full potential for the new track.

With 🇮🇩 Indonesia and 🇲🇾 Malaysia currently ranking among his top 10 most streamed markets globally, Siegel is determined to expand his fanbase in this region. Stay tuned for more new music releases from Alex Siegel.

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