SANTA’s New Single “CHAOS” and MV are Out Now!

Japanese artist SANTA, who has a huge fan base across Asia, released his new single ‘CHAOS’ on February 26.

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‘CHAOS’ is a satirical view of how so many of us struggle every day to balance our work and personal lives.

The song starts out as a cheery, euphoric J-pop tune, which is interrupted by the sound of a man screaming and then a sudden shift to SANTA’s aggressive rap.

Just like the light and dark sides of life, this carefully crafted sequence and collage of tracks creates a sudden twist that can offer a source of hope to inspire listeners in this era of extreme change.

The music video for ‘CHAOS’ was released today. 

The video is a collaboration with CHIBI UNITY, a world-renowned dance team that has scored multiple consecutive wins at top-scale US contest VIBE Dance Competition and won the Golden Buzzer on ‘America’s Got Talent’.

It was directed by Kazuaki Seki, who has worked with Perfume, Sakanaction and Gen Hoshino.

The edgy, arty video is set in Tokyo and focuses on its salaryman protagonist, using dance to depict life under oppression and the conflicts that lie deep within.

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