Chris LaRocca Teams Up with Director James Arthurs on a Moving Short Film “linger”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Chris LaRocca has collaborated with cinematographer, writer, and director James Arthurs on the emotional short film, “linger." Drawn to LaRocca’s song of the same name, off his latest album 'i cried my eyes out,' Arthurs felt it had the potential to soundtrack a powerful visual piece.

Finding inspiration in the life and work of Richard Crandell, the late guitarist who battled essential tremor disorder, Arthurs captured the difficult experience of losing the ability to do the thing one loves. “linger” profoundly explores themes of loss and community, with love prevailing throughout.

Chris LaRocca shares, “I wrote “linger” at my lowest lows, and felt like Richard’s story and the associated themes embodied the sentiment of the song.”

“linger” made its debut in LaRocca and Arthurs’ hometown of Toronto at the Paradise Theatre earlier this week. The duo led a Q&A following the short, giving guests a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the project. “linger” was directed, written, and shot by James Arthurs and produced by Vince Tran with Kid. Studio. 

James Arthurs adds, “This story is inspired by the life and work of guitarist Richard Crandell, as well as my own life. I wasn't destined for film but became immersed in it as a side effect. I had been suddenly confronted with a condition that left me unable to speak at all and for what I was told would be indefinitely. No longer able to sing, I considered quieter avenues: carpentry, pottery and image making. I fell in love with and found myself again in filmmaking, and then, a vocal cord surgery and a couple years later, thankfully my voice too. “linger” observes the experience of loss as it relates to what one creates and the way love carries through; what matters is knowing you feel something, however, it gets to you and whatever the form of expression.”

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