​​blank paper’s ‘Kamen Rider’ Movie Theme Song Out Now

Japanese duo blank paper have released the full-length version of ‘All for Love’, the theme song to the ‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ and ‘Kamen Rider Geats’ crossover feature film ‘Kamen Rider The Winder Movie: Gotchard & Geats’, which was released in movie theaters in Japan in December 2023.

The song’s movie edit was released at the same time as the film in December. Now, the full-length version of ‘All for Love’ – which ‘Kamen Rider’ fans consider a “killer song” – has finally been made available digitally on February 7.

The song is also included on the CD of ‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ theme songs, released on the same day, so check it out!

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