BACK-ON × FLOW’s ‘Kamen Rider’ theme song out now

The full-length single of BACK-ON and FLOW’s special collaboration version of ‘CHEMY×STORY’ was released on February 7.

This new version became the theme song to TV series ‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ in January, replacing BACK-ON’s original version of the same song which had soundtracked the show’s opening since it began broadcasting in September 2023. The new collaboration version with FLOW was announced at the end of the year, generating excitement from fans of ‘Kamen Rider’, BACK-ON, FLOW, and anime in general. Fans have enjoyed the “TV size” short version of BACK-ON × FLOW’s ‘CHEMY×STORY’ since January while waiting patiently for the full-length version – and now it is available at last!
Don’t miss this new version of ‘CHEMY×STORY’, arranged by FLOW, in all its glory.

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