WESLEE Present Their Immersive 'WORLD ONE' EP & New Single "Big Collide"

Enigmatic duo WESLEE have now shared their 'WORLD ONE' EP in full after unveiling atmospheric new single "Big Collide". The release will be accompanied by a music video directed and animated by Agnes Xantippa Boman on 24th January, serving as the third and final instalment in this project’s striking visual series. 

Weaved together as an exploration of love’s ups and downs, the 'WORLD ONE' EP provides a glimpse into WESLEE’s expansive creative vision, and is the first in a number of immersive worlds yet to be revealed. The three-track EP begins with "Love You I Do", a dusky, down tempo single that tenderly sets the scene for this complex love story to unfold. Its lush chords entice the listener before an 80s-inspired bass brings a depth and warmth, while Emma DD’s vocals gently guide us through the vivid experience.

Track two "What It Feels Like" captures the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling that a new crush can bring, an unmistakable sensation that’s often beautiful but also very unsettling. This psychedelic offering subtly mimics this feeling with its lush, ethereal soundscape, before Emma DD’s vocals arrive accompanied by the song’s voluptuous bassline, and a depth of emotion is instantly conjured.

Listen here: https://weslee.ffm.to/bigcollide

New single "Big Collide" is the final act in this creative trilogy, and provides a beautiful take on a relationship breakdown where these struggles with love finally come to a head. Favouring WESLEE’s dreamlike production with a chunky 80s bassline, Emma DD softly states ‘to fall in love is suicide’ before "Big Collide" gradually builds to anthemic levels. It’s a sublime listen, and a fitting end to this journey which simultaneously explores love and chaos.

Speaking on the new track, WESLEE explain: "'Big Collide' is a song about that point in the relationship where you realise it's the beginning of the end. Maybe the end has already started but you’re only now realising and the only way is down from here. You can tell in their behaviour, it’s not what they say but how they say it, it’s clear in how they act. Things are different when a relationship is ending. The message of 'Big Collide' is that’s what love is. Love is two people colliding their lives, themselves, into each other. Sometimes that’s great and harmonious, and sometimes ... it’s a car crash - which is what this song is about. It’s during it all and that feeling as it’s happening, seeing the relationship for what it is."

As per "Love You I Do" and "What It Feels Like", "Big Collide" has also received a visual treatment from multidisciplinary artist Agnes Xantippa Boman who has created its official music video, set to be released on 24th January. Using a house that’s burning down to symbolise a relationship that’s coming to its end, the video’s vibrant colour palette of pinks, purples and reds powerfully brings WESLEE’s creative universe to life.

'WORLD ONE' is a forward-thinking accumulation of WESLEE’s creative capabilities, seeking to push boundaries typically offered from artists existing in the contemporary music landscape.  Expect to hear more from this exciting duo in 2024.

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