Revenge Series Marry My Husband, Starring Rom-Com Queen Park Min Young, Coming Exclusively to Prime Video

Prime Video announced today that the K-drama series Marry My Husbanda tvN and Amazon Original produced by Studio Dragon, a subsidiary of CJ ENMwill be available on Prime Video in the Philippines and more than 240 countries and territories worldwide, excluding South Korea and China, starting Monday, January 1. Episodes will be released weekly every Monday and Tuesday.

Marry My Husband, based on a web novel, tells the revenge story of a terminally ill woman who witnesses her husband and best friend having an affair. Renowned rom-com queen Park Min Young, who recently delighted in Love in Contract - which is also available on Prime Video [SEA only] - portrays betrayed protagonist Kang Ji-won. Following the discovery of her best friend Jung Su-min (Song Ha Yoon) and husband Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi Kyung)’s illicit affair, Min-hwan kills Ji-won. In a twist of events, Ji-won travels back 10 years into the past and plans to reset her destiny with her colleague Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na Inwoo).

Kang Ji-won is an average woman who endures daily struggles in her home and work life. Taking care of her incompetent husband while being berated by her in-laws, she has lived sacrificially, only to have her kindness taken advantage of. Her husband, who is her only family, and her sole friend prove to be unfaithful. In addition to this devastating revelation, Ji-won also has to battle cancer. 
Fortunately, Ji-won gets a second chance in life and is determined to pass on her unfortunate fate to the two betrayers. Be sure to tune in for the juicy revenge and sweet romance when Marry My Husband launches on Prime Video on January 1. 
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