Weekend Buffet at Seda Hotel Manila Bay for PHP1,200 ONLY!

With festivities coming so fast, I bet a lot of you are busy scouting for a nice place where you and your loved ones can enjoy an enjoyable meal. In Paranaque City, Seda Hotel recently opened its Manila Bay branch all geared up for the most wonderful and filling time of the year.

Located at the heart of the city, Seda Hotel Manila Bay's signature dining outlet, Misto, is all set to transform our December weekend dining adventure into a culinary feast that's nothing short of extraordinary. Starting December 9 from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, guests can enjoy their Weekend Lunch Buffet offering at Misto for only PHP1,200 (net) and Php 650 net (Kids 7-12 years old).

I got a "sneak peek" of this Weekend Lunch Buffet last week, and I must say with that buffet spread and amount - It's definitely a good offer to catch!

Misto served up a sumptuous array of dishes that tickled our taste buds and elevated our dining experience. The spread includes a myriad of dishes, featuring local and international favorites such as native rice cakes, baked mussels, beef chuck roast, and porchetta with distinct buffet station choices. 

From mouth-watering appetizers to delectable main courses and a sweet ending with enticing desserts, Seda Hotel Manila Bay's Misto is surely set to give great value for our money. Aside from that, Misto's warm and inviting ambiance also gives the perfect setting for a leisurely weekend meal. Whether for a family gathering, an intimate lunch date, or a catch-up with friends, Seda Manila Bay provides a welcoming and cozy atmosphere to all its guests.

Aside from trying their Weekend Lunch Buffet, I also got a chance to tour around the property, where I got to see its amazing amenities including the Pool, Mini Golf Course, Game Room, Rooftop Bar, Gym, and Spa. I also saw some of their room offerings, which add up to the convenience and excitement that you deserve this coming December. 

So, if you are like me who is already planning your December Holidays, you don't need to look too far. You can book your table and let the gastronomic journey begin by contacting (02) 5304-8888 or emailing dining.manilabay@sedahotels.com For more information about the hotel, please visit www.manilabay.sedahotels.com or follow Seda Manila Bay's Facebook page.

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