HILLARI Teams Up With Rini For An Extraordinary Remix Of "Loyal"

Norwegian-Filipino sensation, Hillari Alison Conlu, known for her meteoric rise in the music industry, is back with a thrilling new and electrifying version of her fan-favorite track, "Loyal", marking the third and final rendition of the song, now featuring the talented RINI. 

Hillari, who achieved recognition as the winner of the NRK P3 award "Årets Urørt" (Rookie of the Year) with her hit "Hopeful", has been nothing short of remarkable, earning her a place among the rising stars of the global music scene. Her unique journey includes numerous concerts in Norway and Canada, contributions to the NRK series FLUS, and accolades from industry legend Timbaland.

This time, Hillari collaborates with RINI, the purveyor of slow and sensual R&B. RINI's rise to success, marked by hits like "My Favourite Clothes" and "Meet Me in Amsterdam," has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Born in the late '90s, RINI's earliest musical influences were drawn from his parents' eclectic CD collection, which featured the likes of Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi. His passion for music was ignited, leading him to learn multiple instruments and eventually launch his career.

"I've always been a huge fan of RINI's music, and it's a dream come true to collaborate with him on this remix of "Loyal" His talent and style have always resonated with me, and now we get to create something special together", she shares.

RINI's journey took him from Melbourne to Los Angeles, where he released his full-length debut, "Constellations", in 2021. This album featured popular singles like "Out of the Blue" and "Red Lights", showcasing RINI's distinctive style. His subsequent EP, 'Ultraviolet', continued to solidify his position as a rising star in the R&B scene.

Together, Hillari and RINI promise to take "Loyal" to new heights, creating a mesmerizing soundscape that transcends borders and genres. Music enthusiasts and fans alike can anticipate a harmonious and soulful experience when this remarkable remix is unveiled.

"With RINI on board for this remix, "Loyal"; takes on a whole new dimension. Our collaboration is a fusion of our musical worlds, and it's a thrilling chapter in my career. I hope our fans will feel the same excitement and emotion that we poured into this project", Hillari adds.

As the third and final version of "Loyal", this collaboration is a testament to Hillari's commitment to her craft and her dedication to offering her fans new and exciting musical journeys. With her top 10 streaming countries worldwide, including the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, Hillari's career is just beginning, promising even more to come in the near future.

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