Celebrate the Holidays with Heartfelt Gift Ideas from Mocasa

The holiday season is a time of wonder and magic, when people gather to celebrate love, gratitude, and the joy of giving. Choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a fun but difficult and a bit costly endeavor.

Good thing, there is Mocasa, the Philippines’ first virtual credit wallet, which offers a Pay Later credit line of up to PHP30,000 repayable over 50 days at 0% interest. Simply download the app, apply for a "Pay Later" account, provide any required documentation (such as government IDs and proof of income), and you'll be approved in minutes. Once approved, you can now start your holiday shopping online using Mocasa’s virtual Mastercard. You may also use your Pay Later account when purchasing items in stores by simply scanning the QR PH code using the Scan to Pay feature powered by Asia United Bank (AUB).

Aside from Pay Later, Mocasa also provides Quick Loan, which offers a cash loan of up to PHP25,000 for as low as 0.2% daily interest payable in three installments. You can also pay off your Mocasa Quick Loan before the end of billing cycle and just pay the principal plus the actual daily interest.
The Gift of Entertainment and Convenience
Subscribing to streaming platforms take center stage as a novel and fun holiday present in the spirit of modern gifting. Imagine the excitement of receiving not just one present, but a year-long pass to a universe of entertainment. From the latest blockbuster movies, binge-worthy TV shows or as simple as listening to today’s latest music hits, your loved ones can enjoy a wide range of content tailored to their tastes. To make this even more awesome, have some food and booze delivered through food delivery service like foodpanda and pay later using Mocasa.
Another, navigating the metro's hectic holiday rush can surely be exhausting, especially for daily commuters. So, make their travels easier by gifting them a beepTM card preloaded through Mocasa app. They can also skip the long queues if they have insufficient balance. They just simply need to download the Mocasa mobile app, apply for a Pay Later account and activate their virtual Mastercard. Once approved, they can choose either to top-up or use their virtual Mastercard to reload their beepTM card.

DIY Munchies Straight from the Heart
Handmade gifts show love and affection. Try to make a batch of homemade cookies, jams, or leche flan as labor of love that will surely be remembered. It's a good thing you don't have to fear going to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients for these. Fortunately, online grocery delivery services like MetroMart are now available, and you can be sure that you will only receive the best and freshest ingredients. To top it all off, they have a lot of ongoing specials, so make sure to take advantage of them.
To make it even better, if you're a first-time MetroMart customer, you can receive PHP300 off for a minimum purchase of PHP3,000 when you use the code “MOCASANEW” and pay with your Mocasa virtual Mastercard. This offer is valid for one-time use until December 31.
Tech Gadgets for the Future Enthusiast
Consider the latest gadgets and equipment for the tech-savvy people in your life. Aside from smartphones and laptops, smart speakers, fitness trackers, noise-cancelling headphones, and virtual reality experiences can make their life more innovative and convenient. You can start looking for holiday deals at your favorite online stores, such as Lazada and SM Malls Online App, and fill your cart with items to be checked out later with Mocasa Pay Later.
To make online shopping with SM Malls Online App even merrier, sign up with Mocasa and use the referral code "SMONL" to receive a PHP200 e-voucher from SM. Simply install Mocasa, then register either for Pay Later or Quick Loan option. If your application is approved, you will receive your SM e-voucher and be alerted via SMS or in-app notification. Promo runs until December 25.
Gifts of Relaxation and Wellness
Needless to say, holidays are the ideal time for people to unwind, rest, or take care of themselves. So why not provide your loved ones with the care they deserve? You can splurge a bit and pamper them with a spa treatment, a makeover, or a wardrobe update for the upcoming season bought from your favorite online shop. You can also create a Tiktok video montage to recall this enjoyable event, much as they do in movies! And you don't have to worry about payments right away because you can pay it later, anywhere with Mocasa.
Holiday season is a time for giving, and these gift ideas will add a touch of joy and care to your festivities. Whether you choose a personalized touch, experiences over stuff, homemade treats, or luxury indulgences, always remember that the act of giving is a deep expression of love and appreciation. As you begin your Christmas shopping, keep in mind that the most important presents are those that originate from the heart and resonate with your loved ones' hobbies and characteristics. This year, let your gifts reflect the warmth and affection that characterize the holiday season.
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