Viral Hitmaker vaultboy Drops Heartbreaking Track "everything hits me at once"

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer vaultboy returns with a heartbreaking new single "everything hits me at once". On it, he explores the dual lives people lead after a messy breakup.

"I think many of us often put on a happy face and deny that we aren’t okay. I hope this song can help people make light of this kind of silly defence mechanism we have and, maybe, help them heal," vaultboy shares.

Since his explosive debut in 2021, vaultboy’s talent for songwriting has garnered him over 650 million streams globally. Navigating matters of the heart through his music with perfect poise, his talent for witty and relatable lyricism has not gone unnoticed.

vaultboy's knack for flawless and catchy alt-pop is evident throughout every release, from his chart-topping viral debut hit "everything sucks" to fan favourite tracks "rocket science", "aftermath" and "i think i wanna text u".

In just 2 years, vaultboy's meteoric rise has won over the hearts of millions of fans across the world. Currently, Asian markets dominate his Top 10 Streaming Markets Worldwide. His Top 10 list includes India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.  

Born and bred in Jacksonville, Florida, he first began experimenting with music in high school and he has been honing his skills ever since. Since he began posting content at the start of 2021, vaultboy has accumulated over 2 million followers across social platforms and 5.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.  He’s had multiple viral moments, including posting the original 30-second sound clip of “everything sucks” on TikTok which was subsequently used in content generating over 320 million views, and created the groundswell for the worldwide success of the record currently counting over 250 million streams and video views. The single "everything sucks" entered the Spotify Global Chart at #1, staying there for almost two full weeks and landed placements on Spotify's Viral Charts in 37 countries across the world. vaultboy continues to release relatable and addictive tunes and there's no sign of him slowing down any time soon. 

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