rouri404 Returns With New Genre-bending Single "spit"

Orlando-based artist rouri404 today released his next hard-hitting track, “spit” on Red Bull Records. Effortlessly balancing the fast-paced drum & bass kicks with the indie spirit of math rock, the single brings an unfiltered energy that rips through your speakers. rouri404 introduced the label to his genreless sound with his spring EP, 'chlorine', which saw him cohesively fuse hyperpop with pop-punk and emo rap. 

At just 21-years old, he has a knack for inducing nostalgia through multi-era works that lend to a DIY style yet are perfectly produced. On the new track, rouri404 shares, “Flipping Good Charlotte's ‘The Anthem’ on its head with drum ‘n bass and math rock isn’t something I ever expected to do, but it might be my new personal favorite track. I started this one just blurting out ideas until I said ‘I would never wanna be just like you’ and it hit really hard. We based the drop section around that and crafted the rest of the song from there. Production was a really big focus on ‘spit’, trying our best to keep the sound raw and unrelenting while also being super cohesive. I wanted the listener to feel something during the drops, keeping the mental image of a car smashing into a brick wall or getting hit with a bat for the drop while creating it.”

About rouri404
rouri404 is an up-and-coming artist and producer hailing from Orlando, Florida, who has been making waves with his unique blend of hyperpop, pop punk, and emo-rap. At just 20 years old, he quickly rose to underground fame on Soundcloud with the release of his 2021 single "Narcissist" followed by his 2022 EP 'GORE', a collaboration project with Vaeo, a prominent artist in the hyperpop scene. His music has been described as emotionally charged, passionate, and versatile, with fans praising his ability to seamlessly flow between genres while still maintaining his signature raw sound. His latest single “fisheye” demonstrates just that, with catchy melodies set against his glitchy 2000s-inspired stylings. 
rouri404's talent has not gone unnoticed, most recently signing with Red Bull Records. His first release with the label arrives as the three-pack EP, 'chlorine', released on May 19th with the single, "numb" and the track was paired with an official video. It's clear that rouri404 is an artist to watch, with his amorphous sound and undeniable talent, sure to stir things up this year.

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