Joony Stakes His Claim With New Ep‘MEMENTO’ & Official Video For Single “CLASSY (Ft. Tony Shhnow)

D.C., Maryland and Virginia underground music trailblazer Joony is ready to stake his claim as one of the new stars of Hip-Hop’s next generation. Fresh off the announcement of his exciting partnership with Red Bull Records, Blxst’s Evgle imprint and his homegrown collective 211, the “Drifting In Tokyo” emcee is unleashing his new 10-track EP, 'MEMENTO'. After building substantial steam with a slew of showstopping features with acts like Brent Faiyaz, Jordan Ward, and Highway, the fast-growing Maryland-born recording artist is prepared to solidify his spot in the ever-evolving music industry. 

'MEMENTO' is a Y2K-influenced collection of music that boasts exciting features from artists like Tony Shhnow, TTM Dawg, Lancey Foux, and Lil Candypaint. Like the critically-acclaimed early 2000’s film, 'MEMENTO' is a direct representation of fleeting thoughts that invade the brain of the talented 22-year-old rising superstar. The EP’s interludes successfully tie together the wide range of sounds that showcase Joony’s undeniable versatility. 

When discussing the project, Joony exclaimed, “The project 'MEMENTO' is somewhat of a memento in and of itself. I made all of the music during a part of my life where I was traveling the country with the homies, making memories and diving deeper into the next phase of my career. All the interludes are excerpts from real-life moments and conversations recorded throughout the creation of the project, hence 'MEMENTO'.”

The project’s first two tracks, “INTRO(Hotel)” and “NEED IT,” quickly set the tone for the sonic adventure that follows. The opener draws listeners into a movie-like scene featuring audio from a stranger interacting with Joony and his crew before quickly leading into the sobering track, “NEED IT.” The passionate song includes heartfelt lyrics about Joony’s journey to reach the fame and success he knows he’s destined for. The next track, “CLASSY,” featuring Atlanta’s Tony Shhnow, spotlights his lyrical prowess and instinctive ability to craft infectious hooks.

The visual for “CLASSY” sees Joony hosting a lowkey kickback that morphs into a jumping party. Tony Shhnow makes an appearance just before the music cuts and the camera pans to blood dripping from the ceiling. Plot twist, the women at the party are in fact, vampires. An unexpected eerie closer that fits the Halloween season perfectly.

Additional songs like “ACT UP” and “EXPENSIVE CLOTHING” bring MEMENTO a more energetic nature. The upbeat production serves as a perfect example of Joony’s dynamic range. His vocal inflection is comparable to Juice WRLD as his voice pierces through the tantalizing production throughout the EP. Drawing inspiration from Lil Wayne, Joony’s soulful auto-tune-infused verses shine through on tracks like “CHEAP.”  The project’s outro, “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” strongly indicates that Joony is here to stay and has limitless potential. Paving the way for the next generation of scene-shapers, Joony will not stop until he’s met his aspirations for love, success, and the desire to have it all.

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